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EastEnders on the Move to Prime Time

EastEnders' Bianca and Ricky

Due to popular demand, Britain’s number one soap is moving to Prime Time! EastEnders will now air at 8pm ET / 5pm PT starting January 2 on VisionTV.

Will Bradley move to Canada? Will Syed ever come out of the closet? Who is getting away with murder, and who does a wife-swap?  Does Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, like the brew in the Queen Vic? Once you start watching, you’re hooked!

Set in the close-knit, multi-racial community of London’s Albert Square, human interest stories, intertwining relationships, social issues, triumphs and tragedies, loves and losses keep fans glued to the screen. Over the years EastEnders has dealt with a number of difficult issues that in some cases had never been seen on prime time television before. Story lines dealing with HIV, rape, euthanasia and child abuse have received awards in recognition of the sensitive and informative way in which the issues were handled.

EastEnders' Tanya and Max

EastEnders' Tanya and Max

EastEnders' Pat and Peggy

EastEnders' Pat and Peggy





Winner of over 100 awards including Best Continuing Drama, BAFTA TV Awards 2011 and
National Television Awards 2011 for Serial Drama.

EastEnders premiered in February 1985 in the UK and is still one of their highest-rated
shows, with fans all around the world.

Any missed episodes can still be seen at www.visiontv.ca/shows/eastenders.

(all photos © BBC 2008)

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