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Is This Great Archaeological Discovery Proof of Jesus’ Resurrection?

Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor examine a cross carving

Every few years, three-time Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici shakes up the archaeological world with his interpretations of first century findings related to the New Testament.

On April 12, 2012 at 10pm ET/7pm PT, VisionTV will broadcast the premiere of his new 60-minute documentary film The Jesus Discovery. A feature length version of the documentary will air as a two-hour special on April 16 at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Co-produced by Jacobovici and Felix Golubev, The Jesus Discovery pushes the boundaries of archeology and takes viewers on the actual journey of their amazing discovery. Part archaeological adventure, part Biblical history, part forensic science, part theological controversy, The Jesus Discovery is a story that will carry around the world.

In 2010, under a modern residential building in Jerusalem, Jacobovici and renowned biblical scholar James Tabor led a team that inserted a specialized robotic camera (developed in Toronto) into a previously unexcavated first century tomb. In it, they discovered five limestone ossuaries (bone boxes for the dead) bearing mysterious inscriptions and drawings.

Walter Klassen and Simcha Jacobovici with robotic camera arm

The robotic camera arm moments before making the big discovery

James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici examining first century ossuaries


One of the limestone ossuaries bears a Greek inscription that includes a reference to “Divine Jehovah” raising someone up. A second ossuary bears an image both Jacobivici and Tabor interpret to be a large fish with a stick figure in its mouth. They believe that the image represents the story of Jonah, the biblical prophet who was swallowed by a fish or whale and then released. “The Sign of Jonah” is the earliest and most used biblical image of early Christianity. It appears 108 times in the catacombs of Roman. This Jerusalem image is at least 250 years earlier.

Together, both the inscription and the image of the fish represent the first evidence of the Christian belief in resurrection from death.

The unique four line Greek inscription

CGI enhanced image of Jonah and The Whale

“We now have new archaeological evidence, literally written in stone, that can guide us in properly understanding what Jesus’ earliest followers meant by their faith in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead—with his earthly remains, and those of his family, peacefully interred just yards away,” Jacobovici said.

Now that The Jesus Discovery word is out, experts are weighing in and the debate is on once again.

Simcha Jacobovici examines a Talpiot area ossuary

James Tabor (L) and Simcha Jacobovici (R) at robotic arm control center


Simcha Jacobovici is a multi-award winning television producer, director, Professor of Religious Studies, Huntington University in Ontario, Canada, and the author (with Charles Pellegrino) of The New York Times bestseller The Jesus Family Tomb. Currently on VisionTV, he can be seen as the host of The Naked Archeologist. and

James D. Tabor is Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he has taught since 1989. He has previously held positions at the University of Notre Dame and the College of William and Mary. He is the author or coauthor of several other books, including The Jesus Dynasty.

Felix Golubev is one of Canada’s top documentary film producers and a recipient of multiple awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism and the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Overseas Press Club of America. In addition to producing The Jesus Discovery for VisionTV and Discovery Channel USA, he has recently produced Beasts of the Bible for National Geographic, Charging The Rhino for VisionTV and the critically acclaimed The Lost Tomb of Jesus for VisionTV, Discovery Channel USA, Channel 4 UK and ProSieben Germany.

Simon & Schuster has just published The Jesus Discovery: The Resurrection Tomb that Reveals the Birth of Christianity by Tabor and Jacobovici. It is available in bookstores across Canada.