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Meet the Notorious Women of the Bible

Presenting Notorious Women of the Bible

A World Premiere series on VisionTV
Wednesdays at 10pm ET/7pm PT starting June 13.

This five episode series looks at the Old Testament stories of women who dared take the initiative and assume responsibility for their destiny. It tells the timeless stories of love, adultery, politics, murder, mayhem and motherhood.

Eve, Delilah, Bathsheba, Jezebel and Esther. Notorious Women of the Bible investigates the historical, geographical, cultural and theological context of the stories surrounding these infamous females who belonged to a patriarchal society, and whose options were few and stark. They challenged, seduced, tricked, took risks and some even staked their lives and continue to inspire poets, theologians and artists.

Visit our Notorious Women of the Bible show page for full episode synopses.

Notorious Women of the Bible - BathshebaNotorious Women of the Bible - EstherNotorious Women of the Bible - Delilah

Notorious Women of the Bible - Eve

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