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Anna Bates

Anna Bates (nee Smith), Head Housemaid/Lady's Maid to Lady Mary Crawley - played by Joanne Froggatt

Anna Bates

Head Housemaid, Lady’s Maid to Mary Crawley

Played by Joanne Froggatt


Qualities: compassionate, good hearted, feisty, sweet, persistent
Hard working, honest and unassuming, Housemaid Anna Smith always floats above the constant fracas amongst her downstairs co-workers. She enjoys a comfortable and caring relationship with the Crawley sisters and her employers while dutifully and professionally taking care of the business of service.

Then, one fine day, she meets the man she is meant to spend her life with when John Bates arrives to Downton to become Lord Grantham’s Valet. She’s found her life mate and resolves to stay firmly by his side through everything, which is much more than she could ever have expected.

Through her own perseverance, Anna and Bates’ relationship overcame tough obstacles from his past, and her unwavering belief in her new husband’s innate goodness helped to ultimately clear his name. Now that he’s free, the two of them are poised for a happier, and hopefully less tumultuous life together. But life at Downton is nothing if not unpredictable, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be removed from the fray for long.

ANNA: You see, if you had a child, and that child was taken from you, if the child was sent to the moon, there’d never be one day when they were out of your thoughts, nor one moment when you weren’t praying for their welfare, even if you knew you’d never see them again.

MOLESLEY: That’s you and Mr Bates?

ANNA: That’s me and Mr Bates. But thank you.

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