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Edith Crawley

Lady Edith Crawley - played by Laura Carmichael

Lady Edith Crawley

Middle daughter of Robert and Cora Crawley, Lord and Lady Grantham

Played by Laura Carmichael


Qualities: intelligent, vindictive, self-pitying, romantic, determined
If anyone has suffered from middle child syndrome, it’s Lady Edith Crawley. Sandwiched between her beautiful, attention-getting older sister and her sweet, saucy firebrand of a younger sister, Edith struggles to be seen and heard by the rest of her family. In Season 1, Robert and Cora even mused about the prospect that Edith would be the one to end up taking care of them in their old age. In the romantic arena, it had become painfully apparent to Edith that she would always play second fiddle.

Wallflowers can bloom however, and as the 1910s passed by and the horrors of the Great War affected all, Edith started to find a purpose amongst the strife. She was the first Crawley to learn to drive and wasn’t adverse to diving in and getting her hands dirty as a farm hand. She started to show some adventurous pluck and started coming into her own as an intelligent, capable young woman. Still, real love evaded her at every turn.

With the roaring ’20s in full swing, that looks set to change, as a tentative romance with magazine publisher Michael Gregson begins to develop into something more serious. Edith has been burned before – will she finally get the happy ending she’s always dreamed of?

Mary: We can’t make a scene.

EdithI sometimes feel we should make more scenes about things that really matter to us. 

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