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Jimmy Kent

Jimmy Kent, Footman - played by Ed Speelers

Jimmy Kent


Played by Ed Speelers


Qualities: confident, outspoken, attractive, ambitious, righteous
A handsome and confident young man joins the Downton staff as the newest Footman in the midst of life changing events upstairs and the resulting turmoil downstairs. James Kent might prefer everyone to call him Jimmy, but not on Mr. Carson’s watch.

Obnoxiously self-assured and a bigger tease than almost anyone who walked the corridors before him, Jimmy upends the delicate social balance amongst the staff. He’s a willing and gleeful competitor with Alfred for job advancement. He has the female staff giving him much more than a passing glance and peaks the interest of a certain Valet, much to his dismay.

In Season 4, Jimmy is still as flirtatious as ever, and may finally take an interest in a particular kitchen maid. But will the day-to-day at Downton be enough to keep the energetic footman satisfied?

JIMMY: “Can’t a red-blooded man compliment a pretty girl?”

CARSON: “Not at breakfast for goodness sake.”

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