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Mr. Carson

DA Cast: Mr. Charles Carson

Mr. Charles Carson

Butler to the Crawley family

Played by Jim Carter


Qualities: strict, loyal, judgemental, dutiful, nostalgic
Always a stickler for highest standard of service, Charles Carson is the engine the keeps the grand house’s many interconnected parts powered and running full steam ahead. It’s a high pressure job amongst a beehive of activity but, the personal satisfaction he gets out of seeing this large operation hum along seamlessly is worth every concern that may crop up.

Carson is unwavering in his tough demands for excellence, and the only time you’ll see him soften is privately with his loyal colleague, Mrs. Hughes, and with his favorite Crawley daughter, Lady Mary.

Like both his employer Robert and the grand matriarch herself, the Dowager Countess, Carson steadfastly believes in holding tight to tradition and has sharp criticism for anyone or anything that poses a challenge. Things are done in a certain manner at a certain time with a certain reverence and that’s when all the world is as it should be. Carson’s world, anyway.

Over three seasons we’ve seen Carson’s well-oiled universe turned upside down again and again but, he’s a master at minimizing the damage. In Season 4, there’s undoubtedly more upheaval to come, but will any of it cause him to reach a breaking point?

CARSON: Miss O’Brien, we are about to host a society wedding. I have no time for training young hobbledyhoys.”

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