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EastEnders Weekender (Feb. 10 – 14, 2014): Thin Line Between Love and Hate

EastEnders Weekender: Feb. 10 - 14, 2014: . Roxy Mitchell (RITA SIMONS), Billy Mitchell (PERRY FENWICK), Alfie Moon (SHANE RICHIE) Photo: Jack Barnes, (c) BBC 2012

The EastEnders Weekender is our re-cap, review and maybe a little rant about the previous week’s goings on around Albert Square. While we certainly hope that you’re keeping up to the minute on what’s happening in Walford by watching EastEnders every weeknight at 8pm ET, we know that’s not always possible and you have to catch up on the drama and intrigue online. Therefore, please be forewarned that the EastEnders Weekender contains big spoilers if you haven’t yet enjoyed the previous week’s episodes of EastEnders. Watch for a new EastEnders Weekender online each weekend.

EPISODES: 4376 – 4380 / VISIONTV AIRDATES: FEBRUARY 10 – 14, 2014

Although most people in Albert Square were waking up with a bit of a Valentine’s Day hangover to start this week, some were marking the quintessential Hallmark holiday holiday a bit later. We left Heather in what looked like a dangerous situation, having gone out with Shirley on February 14, and forgotten her promise to Andrew that she’d be home before midnight. Once she was awake (and had seen all her missed calls), Heather was rightly worried about her fiancé’s reaction to her all-nighter.

When she came home to find an empty flat, it seemed to be a bad sign, until she noticed the engagement ring that Andrew had left for her. As it turned out, she had nothing to worry about – this time – and he easily forgave her. However, it looked like Heather managed to stir up some competition between her best friend and her soon-to-be husband, and Andrew made it clear to Shirley that he didn’t intend to let anything, including her, get between him and his wife.

Across the square, Tyler and his brother were still were still trading barbs following their falling out on Valentine’s Day. Anthony hadn’t forgotten his flirtatious conversation with Amira, and the increasingly frustrated Tyler was kicking himself for going after pretty much every girl in Walford besides the one he actually wanted. For her part, Whitney was feeling unsure about her trip to Paris with Fat Boy, as she began to question her feelings for him.

EastEnders Weeknder Feb. 14: Tyler Moon (TONY DISCIPLINE), Whitney Dean (SHONA MCGARTY) Photo: Adam Pensotti ©BBC 2012

After months of us wondering ‘will they or won’t they,’ Tyler and Whitney finally got together – much to Fat Boy’s dismay.

EastEnders Weekender Feb. 14: Shirley Carter (LINDA HENRY), Andrew Cotton (RICKY GROVER) Photo: Kieron McCarron ©BBC 2012

Shirley tried to extend an olive branch to Andrew, for Heather’s sake, but he was more interested in getting her out of the picture.

Matters could’ve fallen out of her hands when Lucy, always eager to start trouble, saw Tyler kiss her in the square, but Whitney ultimately broke it off with Fats herself. Her ‘I love you as a friend’ rationalization didn’t do much to soften the blow for Fat Boy, and when she explained that she still had feelings for Tyler, that understandably left him as angry as he was hurt. With the truth finally off her chest, Whitney went to find Tyler, but his assumption that they’d start dating immediately ruffled her feathers, and she ended up turning him down.

Meanwhile, Lola and her posse finally got around to visiting the doctor for her ultrasounds, causing Billy’s grandfatherly pride to reach previously unknown levels. And the Mitchells weren’t the only people looking forward to a new member of the family. In his own, unusual way, Michael Moon seemed equally enthused about Janine’s pregnancy, even as his expectant counterpart wasn’t exhibiting much maternal instinct. After failing to get Janine a Valentine’s Day present, he tried to make it up to her with a new bag, equipped for baby gear – something that she wasn’t thrilled about. Despite his difficulties with Janine, Michael was more than happy to dispense advice to Tyler, offering up some of his wisdom on the subject of women.

Lucky for Tyler, it turned out that his elder brother wasn’t so clueless after all, and both Moons managed to pull off grand gestures to win their respective ladies’ hearts. For Tyler and Whitney, though, it wasn’t easy to enjoy the second chance at their relationship with so many of their friends clearly against it, and although Fat Boy said he was all right with the turn of events, neither of them was convinced. In an attempt to raise his spirits, Whitney appealed to Janine to offer him a second gig as a DJ at the R&R, which she very grudgingly agreed to, and the surprise was enough to mend things between the three friends. And despite Bianca’s skepticism, Tyler was able to make a good impression with Whitney’s family, winning them over with his inimitable pancake-making skills.

EastEnders Weekender Feb. 14: Jack Branning (SCOTT MASLEN), Derek Branning (JAMIE FOREMAN), Amy, Roxy Mitchell (RITA SIMONS) Photo: Jack Barnes ©BBC 2012

Never one to watch from the sidelines, Derek took a more active role in the battle for Amy’s custody.

EastEnders Weekender Feb. 14: Amira Masood (PREEYA KALIDAS), Syed Masood (MARC ELLIOTT), Anthony Moon (MATT LAPINSKAS) Photo: Adam Pensotti ©BBC 2012

Syed doubted Amira’s abilities at the stall, but Anthony’s classic Moon family selling techniques saved the day.

As for the other Moon brother, it looked as though Tyler’s misstep did nothing to tarnish Amira’s opinion of Anthony, and his stock continued to rise when he managed to move some of the stock at her new market stall. Still, Syed wasn’t impressed that Amira was so willing to pawn off work at the business they were ostensibly running together, but when Anthony taught her some time-tested Moon family selling techniques, she was able to prove her doubting business partner wrong. Anthony’s helping hand wasn’t enough to impress Zainab, though, and she continued to voice her suspicions of his motives, and her disapproval of their fledgling relationship.

Finally, Aflie shared with his friends some of his second thoughts about his dealings with Derek, and was getting nervous about the business partnership that he become tied to. Both Anthony and Patrick warned him not to take Derek lightly, and were particularly cagey when Alfie voiced a tentative plan to cut the eldest Branning out of the operation that they’d been running. Derek, however, wasn’t thinking to too hard about business, and had instead distracted himself with the ongoing battle between Roxy and Jack. Temporarily losing sight of the big picture, he didn’t smell the plot that Alfie, Patrick and Billy had begun to cook up – with Roxy’s help.

In an attempt to get hold of Derek’s illegal liquor supplier, Roxy picked his pocket and swiped his phone, giving her and the trio of co-conspirators access to his product. Their plan to intercept the shipment went off without a hitch (almost), except for the unfortunate fact that their lack of discretion allowed unwanted to eyes to see their plan in motion. As we all knew he would, Derek finally caught wise and, unbeknownst to Jack, their trick prompted him to extreme measures. In one of his most sinister moves yet, he went to one of his associates, offering up a large sum for him to punish Roxy for crossing him. But, unwilling to cross the Mitchells, Roxy’s would-be assailant ended up giving he the money and tipping her – and Shirley – off to Derek’s plan.

Although Derek has gone unchallenged up until now, threatening an otherwise unoccupied, and already riled, Shirley could have sparked something of a war between the two families  – one that’s been brewing for quite some time. In any case, it looks like the hostilities running under the surface in Walford are about to bubble to the surface and spill over in the weeks to come, and we’ll be watching with rapt attention to see who comes out on top.

– Kate Shepherd


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