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Letters from Lightstone: Regional Flavours

Letters from Lightstone 600

In her latest correspondence from Israel, renowned actress and voice of VisionTV Marilyn Lightstone is taking us along for the ride as she rediscovers the country’s sights, sounds and (this week) cuisines. In between visits to renowned cultural and spiritual sites, and reunions with friends, the host of Nocturne on The New Classical96.3fm is getting a taste of the region’s unique and flavourful dishes.

Luckily for her family and friends back home, she’s been documenting her experiences in words, pictures and video, giving us a colourful glimpse into her travels. You can take in some of the highlights of her trip here, and for a full account of her trip, and the Masada Opera Festival taking place in the Judean Desert, head to EverythingZoomer.com.

SpicesTo her friend, Sunny Holtzman, living in Tel Aviv

What a difference since my last visit here to shoot the stage show, Mary and Joseph. There’s everything here that any traveller could hope or wish for!

The photo I’m including in this post was taken at an EXTRAORDINARY herb and spice shop near the German community in the Gallilee, and, had it not been that I was keen to start our Jeep tour, I could have spent hours looking and shopping. Every herb and spice you ever heard of and then some!

To her friend, ZoomerMedia’s Leanne Wright

Tiles. The pictures I’ve included were taken at a church that the Germans rebuilt here in the mid-19th century at the site of the first church ever! It’s located in the area where Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the story of which is told in the original Byzantine mosaic floor, which is in a remarkable state of preservation! The Benedictines are taking care of the site and they’re doing a remarkable job.

To her brother, Lester

I know you’ll agree with me that so often the simplest food is the best, and this is a prime example. The best Baba Ganoush I’ve ever eaten; beets in a yummy vinaigrette; carrots seasoned with I don’t know what, amazing hummus, barbecued chicken on a skewer succeeded by ones holding beef and then lamb, yadda yadda yadda. I asked for the restaurant’s card so I could pass on the good word to everyone, and later discovered that It’s written entirely in Hebrew – which should not have come as such a surprise given that we are in Israel!

You can read Marilyn Lightstone’s full accounts of her exploration of Israel here!

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