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EastEnders Weekender (Jan. 9 & 10, 2014): Secrets, Setbacks and Surprises

EastEnders Weekender (Jan. 9 & 10, 2015): Sharon Rickman (LETITIA DEAN) Photo: Kieron McCarron (c) BBC 2013The EastEnders Weekender is our re-cap, review and maybe a little rant about the previous week’s goings on around Albert Square. Please be forewarned that the EastEnders Weekender contains big spoilers if you haven’t yet enjoyed the previous week’s episodes of EastEnders. Watch for a new EastEnders Weekender online each weekend and catch up on episodes you’ve missed online anytime.

EPISODES: 4629 – 4634 / VISIONTV AIRDATES: JANUARY 9 & 10, 2014


There was no shortage of surprises in Walford last week, and after Kane’s unexpected appearance in his family’s kitchen, Liam’s instinct was to get as far away from that particular surprise as possible. His former ‘friend’ had other ideas, though, and told him to stay for a chat, one-on-one. Liam reluctantly agreed, and Kane started the conversation by insisting that loyalty between brothers was more important than anything, and told him that there was no reason why they shouldn’t be closer than before, even after what happened. To make it all better, Kane told Liam that all he had to do was go to the police and retract his statement, and all would be forgiven.

Things became heated when Liam finally stood up for himself, and refused to back down to Kane’s threats. Armed with a knife, he jumped Liam before he could escape from the house to get help but, luckily, Bianca was just walking through the door as things escalated. Apparently fueled by defensive, maternal rage, Bianca was on Kane faster than he could react, and her shouts were loud enough to draw a small crowd to her aid. While Masood and a deliveryman kept Kane at bay, Carol called the police to take him away once and for all. Though the episode prompted Liam’s departure to stay with Ricky, Bianca was relieved that her family had finally won against the gang, and life started to go back to normal for the Butchers.

The same couldn’t be said for her sister-in-law, as Janine was apparently serious in her threats to take Scarlett away from Michael. In order to prove that she really was up to mothering her child, she agreed to take Scarlett to play group, though the screaming children clearly put her on edge. Though she made it through the play date, Alice’s recitation of Scarlett’s full schedule of activities was enough to make her wonder if maybe she’d bitten off more than she could chew – but of course. She didn’t reveal her fears to Michael. Though Janine still seemed to feel that she held all the cards when it cam to Scarlett’s custody, Michael was doing a good job of showing her that motherhood wouldn’t be quite as easy as she’d thought.

EastEnders Weekender: Janine Moon (CHARLIE BROOKS), Billy Mitchell (PERRY FENWICK), Michael Moon (STEVE JOHN SHEPHERD) Photo: Guy Levy © BBC 2013

Janine stopped Michael in his tracks before he could make his escape with Scarlett.

EastEnders Weekender: Kirsty Branning (KIERSTON WAREING), Max Branning (JAKE WOOD) Photo: Kieron McCarron © BBC 2013

Kirsty was calmed considerably when Max handed the keys to their new flat.

What she did have on her side was money, and she didn’t fail to remind Michael that she could bankrupt him if they went to court. Sensing that he might actually be defeated, despite the fact that he had been the better parent, Michael formulated a plan to leave Walford with Scarlett in tow. But just as he was about to sneak out the backdoor on his way to Spain, Janine made an appearance in the kitchen to halt his escape. They exchanged words and Michael changed his plans, but it didn’t seem as though he was ready to give up on his daughter quite yet.

Meanwhile, Kirsty may have been frustrated by Max’s continued contact with Tanya, but she was singing a different tune once she found out that her hubby had finally found them a flat to rent. Hopefully, for Max’s sake, the newfound stability will stop Kirsty’s up and down temper (How many times has she threatened to leave him now?), though we’re not sure if it will help her keep up the lie about her ‘pregnancy’. And though the two lovebirds were happy to have a nest of their own, Max’s kids weren’t thrilled to hear the news, meaning that future family encounters were sure to be awkward.

Speaking of uncomfortable relationships, Lucy clearly wasn’t over Joey, and was doing her best to change his feelings for Lauren. Though her friend had sworn off booze for the time being, Lucy ordered her a glass of lemonade (with two shots of vodka) at lunch, leading to an embarrassing meal with their friends. Her ploy worked, as Joey had had enough of his girlfriend’s drunken antics, and unceremoniously broke things off with Lauren at The Vic. Despite her best efforts, it didn’t look like reconciliation was in the stars, leaving Joey open to Lucy’s advances.

And things weren’t much better for Lauren at home, as Sharon’s addiction drove a wedge between her and her mother. When Tanya noticed that her painkillers had gone missing, she immediately suspected her daughter, though it was her friend that had really slipped them into her purse last week. Thankfully, at least Cora had her granddaughter’s back. Lucy’s motives were shockingly obvious to the savvy matriarch, and she managed to deliver some perfectly withering lines when she saw Lauren’s best friend trying to cozy up to Joey. Go Cora!

EastEnders Weekender: Lauren Branning (JACQUELINE JOSSA) Photo: Guy Levy © BBC 2013

Lauren found herself sad and alone after Lucy slipped her a drink she hadn’t asked for.

EastEnders Weekender: Sharon Rickman (LETITIA DEAN) Photo: Kieron McCarron © BBC 2013

Sharon found herself turning to painkillers again, but kept the secret from Phil.

In the meantime, Tanya figured out who was really taking the pills from their kitchen, and wasn’t sure how to react. She found the best route was to be direct, and she went to talk to Sharon in person. Though Tanya understood and accepted Sharon’s headache excuse, she wasn’t able to see the true extent of her friend’s problem. As it was, things were starting to spin out of control, as Sharon began to take money from the till at the club, apparently to support her reemerging habit. Still, Phil was so distracted with Lexi and his businesses that she was able to hide what was going on.

Surprisingly, it was Lola who was the first to discover that Sharon was in real trouble. After following her back to the Mitchell house to help put Lexi to bed, she found Sharon unconscious in the bathroom upstairs. When Lola was finally able to wake her, Sharon refused to let her call an ambulance to help, probably fearing what they might find if they ran any tests. Lola agreed, but when she found the pills in the kitchen, it looked as though the secret would come out into the open, until Sharon forbade her from telling Phil about her apparent problem.

Instead, the two women fought out the issue over the kitchen table, and Lola finally gave Sharon a dose of the tough love that she needed to pull her back to reality. She was determined to let Phil know as soon as he returned home, but Sharon reminded Lola that as part of Lexi’s care plan, she needed her if she wanted to get her baby back home. While Lola agreed to keep quiet, she didn’t make things easy for Sharon, and continued to hound her to tell Phil herself. But we’re not convinced that Sharon can be trusted to come clean on her own. What lengths will she go to keep her secret – and what will her actions mean for Lexi’s final custody hearing?

Kate Shepherd


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