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Love Downton Style Contest

Love Downton Style Contest - Raincoast BooksBesides trying to staying warm, this time of year is all about love, family and your favourite Valentine. Getting lost in a superb, enthralling tale of romance, family drama and historical intrigue is just the ticket to send ol’ Jack Frost packing. So, we’ve paired up with our friends at Raincoast Books to give you a chance at 1 of 5 prize packages filled with great, new reads and highlighted by the two most recent Downton Abbey book releases.

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners will be contacted between March 25 – 27, 2015.

All you need to do is fill out and submit the entry form at the bottom of the page for your chance to win!


Season 5 of the multi-award winning juggernaut Downton Abbey premieres on Wed., April 8 at 9pm ET/ 6 PT. This season, the delicious drama intensifies yet again with Mary caught in a love triangle, more dark trouble in store for Anna and John, heartache and desperation for Edith and another scandalous romance for Rose. Don’t miss a minute!

Starting Wed., March 11 at 9pm ET/6pm PT we’re thrilled to present the North American premiere of the riveting 4-part series The Great Fire. A fascinating exploration of the night of Sunday 2nd of September 1666, The Great Fire is set during the devastating three-day disaster that left thousands of London homes burnt to the ground, and about the people who finally brought about its end.

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A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes

A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestThis gorgeous book explores the seasonal events and celebrations of the great estate-including house parties, debutantes, the London Season, yearly trips to Scotland, the sporting season, and, of course, the cherished rituals of Christmas. Jessica Fellowes and the creative team behind Downton Abbey invite us to peer through the prism of the house as we learn more about the lives of our favorite characters, the actors who play them, and those who bring this exquisite world to real life. More…
Downton Abbey: Rules for Household Staff introduction by Carson

Downton Abbey: Rules for Household Staff - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestThe household staff of Downton Abbey carries out their duties with effortless dignity, finesse and pride. Yet how do they know how exactly to lay the table, when to leave the room to give Lord and Lady Grantham their privacy, how to care for Lady Mary’s furs and which uniform to wear when? This recently recovered and fascinating staff handbook answers all of these questions and more. More…
Mightier Than The Sword by Jeffrey Archer

Mightier Than The Sword by Jeffrey Archer - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestMightier than the Sword opens with an IRA bomb exploding during the MV Buckingham’s maiden voyage across the Atlantic – but how many passengers lose their lives?

When Harry Clifton visits his publisher in New York, he learns that he has been elected as the new president of English PEN, and immediately launches a campaign for the release of a fellow author, Anatoly Babakov, who’s imprisoned in Siberia. Babakov’s crime? Writing a book called Uncle Joe, a devastating insight into what it was like to work for Stalin. So determined is Harry to see Babakov released and the book published, that he puts his own life in danger.

His wife Emma, chairman of Barrington Shipping, is facing the repercussions of the IRA attack on the Buckingham. Some board members feel she should resign, and Lady Virginia Fenwick will stop at nothing to cause Emma’s downfall. More…
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestIn love we find out who we want to be. In war we find out who we are.

With courage, grace and powerful insight, bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of WWII and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen: the women’s war. The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France – a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women. It is a novel for everyone, a novel for a lifetime. More…
Saving Grace by Jane Green

Saving Grace by Jane Green - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestGrace and Ted Chapman. Literary power couple. Ted is considered “the thinking man’s John Grisham” and Grace, his wife of twenty years is beautiful, stylish, carefree. All of this is on the surface. Beneath, what no one sees, is Ted’s rages. His mood swings. And the precarious house of cards that their lifestyle is built upon. When Ted’s longtime assistant and mainstay leaves, the house of cards begins to crumble and Grace, with dark secrets in her past, is most vulnerable. To the rescue comes Beth, a new assistant. Someone who will help handle Ted. Someone who has the calm efficiency to weather the storms that threaten to engulf their household. Soon, though, it’s clear to Grace that Beth might be too good to be true. And that this new interloper might be the biggest threat of all, one that could cost Grace her marriage, her reputation, and even her sanity. More…
Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer

Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer - Raincoast Books - Love Downton Style ContestThe fourth volume in Jeffrey Archer’s New York Times bestselling Clifton Chronicles series follows the dazzling tale of the Clifton family’s love, loss, betrayal and ambition into the 1960’s.Bestselling author Jeffrey Archer’s Be Careful What You Wish For opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. But who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno? More…


Contest closes Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 11:59pm ET.
One entry per day per valid email address.

Must be 19 years or older to enter.
Contest not open to residents of Québec.


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