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Farewell Downton Fly Away Contest

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8 Responses to Farewell Downton Fly Away Contest

  1. rachelirate says:

    why the night before the show is to go on does rogers guide and the tv guide say that season 5 is showing yet again?

    • ZoomerTVMOD says:

      Hi rachelirate – Sorry there was a bit of confusion with that for you. We provide scheduling information to cable listings providers about 5 to 6 weeks in advance. Sometimes they may miss updating their own scheduling information and that sounds like what may have happened here. Season 6 did premiere for us tonight and will continue to air Wednesdays at 9pm ET through August 24. We hope you’ll enjoy it with us and thanks for watching!

  2. lganvel says:

    where to find Questions #S6E1-3?

    • ZoomerTVMOD says:

      Hi Iganvel – There is a new question posted each Wednesday night based on the episode that aired earlier that evening. Once the question has changed, only that question is eligible to answer for entry into the contest. Thanks for participating!

      • lganvel says:

        That means: if I couldn’t watch #S6E1 thru #S6E3 on the Wednesday that it was aired, but I am watching them afterwards; hence, I am not able to know or have access to the corresponding question of the said episode? Thank you

  3. Fran says:

    The question should start with ‘whose’ car showing possession, not ‘who’s’ which is the contraction of ‘who is’.

    • ZoomerTVMOD says:

      Hi Fran – You’re absolutely right and thank you for that catch. That unfortunate mistake has been corrected. We should have taken another look before adding that new copy. Thanks for visiting VisionTV.ca and if you’ve entered the contest, good luck!

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