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Rising Ontario Hydro Bills Forcing Seniors to Choose to Heat or Eat

The average price of electricity in Ontario has doubled over the past decade. In the wake of astronomical increases in hydro bill amounts, many seniors and other Ontarians on low or fixed incomes are making very difficult and potentially dangerous decisions about their standard of living. A choice between buying groceries and paying their hydro bills, or even being able to pay for vital medications.

ZNews’ Darrin Maharaj recently talked with Alison Lakey of Burlington, Ont., about the serious challenges she’s facing in light of rising hydro bills. A three-time cancer survivor, Lakey has had to choose to reduce her required medication intake in an effort to make ends meet.

“I can’t afford to buy some of them. I can’t afford to buy them all,” admits Lakey.

“When seniors have to choose between food and hydro, we have a problem,” states CARP as part of their new Heat or Eat? campaign calling for an immediate rollback to Ontario hydro costs. For more information and to add your voice, visit


An upcoming episode of “theZoomer” will tackle the urgent issue of rising hydro rates from all fronts. Host Libby Znaimer will be joined at the round table by:

Tom Adams, Independent Energy and Environmental Advisor

Wanda Morris, Vice-President, Advocacy, CARP

Marvin Ryder, McMaster University Economics Professor

Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clean Air Alliance Chair

Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Ontario NDP

Gwen Kavanagh, Chair, CARP Chapter 36

Marc Saltzman, Tech Expert

Watch for this new episode of “theZoomer” to premiere on VisionTV Monday, February 6 at 10pm ET/7 PT.

by Henry Lees