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Ageless Gardens Premieres February 12 on VisionTV

Ageless Gardens - Season 1

As we collectively sit through another winter filled with brisk temperatures, snow, slush, ice, grey skies and poor drivers, it’s hard not to close your eyes and hope heartily for the prompt arrival of gardening weather.

To some, getting hands into the soil, planting the seeds, then watching flowers, trees, herbs, or vegetables emerge from the ground, is more than just a hobby – it’s a way of life.

Ageless Gardens - Season 1

Ageless Gardens” premieres Monday, February 12 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV!

On the brand new, Canadian-made VisionTV series “Ageless Gardens,” audiences are introduced to Zoomer-aged gardening enthusiasts who believe mightily in the positive force of working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature. To them, gardening feeds our bellies, produces natural medicines, and improves the physical, mental and social elements of our lives.

Monday, February 12 (9pm ET/6pm PT), “Ageless Gardens” premieres with a look at healing plants. Here, we learn about the positive impact marijuana-based cookies can have on our physical ailments and sleep patterns. What’s more, we meet one individual who believes strongly in the notion that teaching young people to garden can improve how they view and treat the world.

Ageless Gardens - Season 1

Throughout the rest of the colourful five-part series, you’ll be inspired by the engineer who practices bonsai gardening in order to restore his mind, as well as a west coast gardener who “rescues wild plants that create an oasis for local wildlife.”

Elsewhere, a collective of gardeners band together in an attempt to change their community’s gardening laws, while an experienced woodworker creates gardening tools for impaired individuals.

Whether you’re a green thumb, an outdoorsperson, or someone looking for a new way to lead a happy and healthier life, “Ageless Gardens” will show you how the beautiful bounty that is Canadian land can truly benefit us all.

-Adam Grant

Ageless Gardens - Season 1

Ageless Gardens” premieres Monday, February 12 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV!

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  1. Allan Richard says:

    Just watched Ageless Gardens, fantastic, inspirational, visionary and looking forward to the next episode.
    Keep up the great work and keep the focus on us older folks.
    love it.

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