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The end is nigh…or is it? Throughout the ages humans have had a fascination and reverence for the Apocalypse – a preoccupation with Doomsday. Whether it be by divine decree or man-made means, when will the Earth and civilization as we know it cease to exist? And what happens if that never happens?

December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, has long been targeted as an apocalyptic date by many, or is it simply the end of one cycle and the beginning of another? There have been many dates, prophecies, predictions and signs that have been tied to an impending doomsday.

With the fast approach of 21.12.12, there’s no better time to lay out all the information and endeavor to discern fact from fancy and conjecture from reality. In so doing, some of Canada’s brightest and best documentarians have delved deep into the past, present and future implications of apocalyptic prophecies, theories and thinking.

VisionTV proudly presents intriguing new episodes of I Prophesy: The Future Revealed and the thought provoking brand new series Apocalypse…When? premiering Nov. 19 – 23 and 26 – 30. Is this the beginning of the end, a new beginning or a continuation of the status quo? Watch and you be the judge.

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I Prophesy: The Apocalypse Series

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Every era of history has had its prophets, visionaries and oracles. Right up to the present day, the unknowing public has been held rapt by their powerful prophecies and predictions. Many of them have foretold a dire future for the Earth and its inhabitants tied to Biblical prophecy, environmental upheaval and societal breakdown. The new Apocalypse Series of I Prophesy: The Future Revealed examines and explores some of the key prophets and future visionaries of our history, and uses hard hitting re-enactments and CGI to immerse the viewer in the future scenarios. All to ask: are we really on the edge of an abyss of change?

I Prophesy: The Apocalypse Series episode synopses.

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Why do we keep anticipating The End of the World… an end that never materializes? What happens when nothing happens? In five, captivating half hour episodes, Apocalypse…When? explores the origins, implications, repercussions, and psychology of Doomsday thinking. Speaking with leading experts and visiting key locations in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, Writer/Host Brian Paisley guides us through an intriguing investigation of prophetic visions, religious beliefs and societal and environmental influences that shape our apocalyptic theories. Through it all, are we facing an end, a new beginning or never knowing either for sure?

Apocalypse…When? episode synopses.

nov 2012

Apocalypse…When? Where Did We Get This Notion?

Watch online below!

i prophesy: Blood Moon

Watch online below!

nov 2012

Apocalypse…When? How Do You Know a Prophet When You Hear One?

i prophesy: The Prophesy of The Popes

nov 2012

Apocalypse…When? The Great Disappointment

i prophesy: Mother Shipton’s Visions

nov 2012

Apocalypse…When? Do It Yourself Doomsday

i prophesy: Tesla’s Conspiracy

nov 2012

apocalypse…when? Apocalypse…Not! Is it Up To Us?

i prophesy: 2012

nov 2012

I Prophesy: Nostradamus

I Prophesy: Apocalypse 2060

nov 2012

I Prophesy: Edgar Cayce: Prophet of Doom

I Prophesy: Mass Extinction

nov 2012

I Prophesy: Hildegard – Mystic of the Rhine

I Prophesy: Nuclear 9-11

nov 2012

I Prophesy: The Red Heifer

I Prophesy: Superflood

nov 2012

I Prophesy: Rapture Ready

I Prophesy: The AntiChrist

dec 2012

I Prophesy: 2012

8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

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Watch preview clips and featured episodes of Apocalypse…When? – (AW) and I Prophesy – (IP) in the player below.

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