Yellow Submarine - LEGO

We All Live in a LEGO Yellow Submarine!

If you’re a big-time collector of Beatles toys and souvenirs, then you’re absolutely going to love this new creation by LEGO! Continue reading

Call the Midwife - Season 4

Call the Midwife Roll Call: Charlotte Ritchie (Nurse Barbara Gilbert)

During a recent interview, actress Charlotte Ritchie spoke about what it was like to join the stellar cast of “Call the Midwife.” Continue reading

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy - Cambodia

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy S1E6: Through the Trees and Beneath the Waters of Cambodia

Flying into Cambodia, Baz plans on subjecting Nancy to tasks that could turn her stomach and her fears into uncontrollable forces of nature. Continue reading

Cancer Saved My Life

Libby Znaimer’s Miraculous Recovery Documented in Cancer Saved My Life

“Cancer Saved My Life,” documents the hopeful story of Libby Znaimer’s triumph over breast and pancreatic cancer. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - 4

Call the Midwife Roll Call: Victoria Yeates (Sister Winifred)

As nice and darling as the Sister Winifred character is, Victoria Yeates admits that playing someone so wholesome is a little out of left field for her. Continue reading

Jericho - Annie Blue

Dressing Up the Shantytown Community of Jericho

It’s easy to watch Jericho and feel as if a time machine was sent to 1874 Yorkshire and brought back people from that period, to present day. Continue reading

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy - South Africa

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy S1E5: Sharks, Lions and Ostriches, Oh My!

For Baz and Nancy, South Africa was a wild trip filled with sharks, lions and ostriches! How did Mammy handle these animals? Let us tell you! Continue reading

Prince William & Kate

Look at Prince William & Kate’s 2016 Canadian Adventure

Just in case you haven’t been able to keep track of the Royal Family’s 2016 visit to Canada, here’s a look at some of the highlights! Continue reading

Jamie Foxx - Streisand

Shining a Spotlight on Barbra Streisand’s Famous Duet Friends

Learn more about the amazing actors who sang and starred in the “Welcome to Barbra Streisand’s Encore” special, premiering Oct. 14 at 10pm ET! Continue reading

Call the Midwife - S4

Call the Midwife Roll Call: Emerald Fennell (Nurse Patsy Mount)

In many ways, Nurse Patsy (Emerald Fennell) is one of the more progressive, yet measured individuals at Nonnatus House. Continue reading