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The program is a magazine style format combining
Canada's Place in the World
Hundreds of Canada’s financial leaders gathered in Toronto
Context with Lorna Dueck is a weekly, half-hour,
Conversations with Conrad: Margaret Atwood
Conrad Black chats one-on-one with some of the finest minds
Facing Extremism
On the surface an Islamic terrorist, white supremacist,
Martin Himel hosts Jew Bashing: The New Anti-Semitism
Other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among
Jews and Money
In today’s world of global economics and dissolving
Messages from Spirit Tour 600
In the series “Messages From Spirit with Colette
Photo of "Persecuted Christians" program logo. Freedom of religion: it’s a right that many of us enjoy to its fullest extent. However, in some parts of the world, the ability to practice one's faith and beliefs can come with a dangerous and demoralizing price. Award-winning film-maker and accomplished foreign correspondent Martin Himel, along with Majed El Shafie, explore some of the atrocities that Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan.
Freedom of religion: it’s a right that many of us enjoy to
The Conspiracy Show S3: - Richard Syrett Holds iPad
Richard takes on the mystery of the Shroud of Turin
The Genocide in Iraq: A ZNews Special - Clean
Never again? Still it happens again and again. Christians,
The statistics are scary. In the second decade of the 21st
theZoomer S2E1: Medical Assistance in Dying Panel Group (L to R) Quebec PQ MNA Veronique Hivon, Dr. James Downar, Palliative care doctor and bio-ethicist, Dr. Chris Simpson, president, Canadian Medical Association, Libby Znaimer VP of Information ZoomerRadio, MP Steven Fletcher, André Picard, Award-winning Health columnist, Globe and Mail, Dr. Moira McQueen, Executive Director, Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute; Moral Theologian, St. Michael's Faculty of Theology, U of Toronto, Dr Karima Velji, president, Canadian Nurses Association, Susan Eng VP Advocacy CARP
Canadians have an exciting, timely and gutsy new 60-minute
In this 30-minute talk program from the producers of The
7 Billion Reasons for Peace: We all want to live in a world
ZNews Videographer and Host Darrin Maharaj
ZNews Videographer Darrin Maharaj brings you daily lifestyle