Apocalypse...When?: Series Host and Writer Brian Paisley WS horsemen and red stars
Why do we keep anticipating The End of the World… an end
Being Hindu_600
It is one of the world’s oldest religions, yet is
Biblical Forensics: Real Faces of the Bible
Biblical Forensics: Real Faces of the Bible is a four-part
Bruce Cockburn: Pacing the Cage Photo: Kevin Kelly
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Canada's Place in the World
Hundreds of Canada’s financial leaders gathered in Toronto
Elvis In Love - Show Logo
Elvis Presley was idolized by millions of women the world
This award winning series explores the mysteries of our
Facing Extremism
On the surface an Islamic terrorist, white supremacist,
Freedom Fighter: Rev. Majed El Shafie
He is truly a freedom fighter. Rev. Majed El Shafie was
God's Greatest Hits Series 2 - The Priests
Learn the history behind some of the most well-known and
God's Greatest Hits S2E4: Ken Whiteley
Come along on an inspiring, enlightening and musically
God's Greatest Hits S3E5: David Wall
Because music is so subjective, it is difficult to pronounce
Godless takes a compelling look at a growing subculture with
Gospel to Go: Naomi Striemer
Gospel to Go – an inspiring, uplifting and joyful new
Hidden World of the Harem
In the Western imagination, the harem of the Ottoman sultans
I Prophesy: Nostradamus - Face of Destruction Photo: courtesy FEMA News Photo
From ancient times, prophets have inspired and terrified
Human beings are obsessed with trying to predict events to
“Infidelity has existed since the beginning of humanity.
Leonardo da Vinci is best known as the painter of the
Martin Himel hosts Jew Bashing: The New Anti-Semitism
Other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among