• Downton Abbey S2 Home Slide: Sybil NursesTHE HOME FRONT: Desperate to make a difference during the Great War, Lady Sybil trains as a nurse and begins to work at a nearby veterans' convalescent hospital. Is she ready to see the horrific results of combat close up?
  • Downton Abbey S2 Home Page Slide: Edith Drives a TractorFARM GIRL: With World War I well underway, everybody back at home is pulling some extra weight to keep things going. Lady Edith is no exception as she takes the initiative to help the Drews out on their farm but, does she have an ulterior motive?
  • Downton Abbey S2: Home Page Slide - Mary, Matthew, LaviniaLOVE TRIANGULATION: Season 2 brings with it a new betrothed for Matthew. Can Mary bear to step aside while her true love makes plans to marry another?


Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes, you've come a long way together over 5 seasons. Look back on all the estate's residents and the actors that bring each of them to life onscreen in our cast section.


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Season 5 is wrapped up very happily and romantically for Rose and her new husband, Atticus. As we launch our encore presentation of Downton's first 5 seasons, visit our Episodes section to reacquaint yourself with came before and what lies ahead.

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