• Manners of Downton Abbey with Alistair BruceMR. MANNERS: Why do Downton's inhabitants say & do things in a certain way? Historical Advisor Alastair Bruce takes us behind the scenes to find out. Watch "Manners of Downton Abbey" Wed., June 3 at 11pm ET & Wed., June 10 at 9pm ET.
  • Downton Abbey S5E8: Lady Flintshire, Susan MacClare (PHOEBE NICHOLLS)FLINTY SUSAN: We weren't missing her at all but, Rose's mother, Lady Flintshire has returned from India to spread some of her misery around and almost ruin her daughter's future.
  • Downton Abbey S5E8: Lady Rose MacClare (LILY JAMES)ROSE IN BLOOM: As a new bride, Rose has fully blossomed into adulthood and must face the challenge of winning the approval of her judgmental father-in-law. She more than rises to the occasion.


Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes, you've come a long way together over 5 seasons. Look back on all the estate's residents and the actors that bring each of them to life onscreen in our cast section.


Missed an episode? We've got your chance to catch up! Each S5 episode will be available on our Videos page for one month after it premieres. Plus, get deeper insights with A Look Inside Season 5.


Season 5 is wrapping up very happily and romantically for Rose and her new husband, Atticus. That's not without fate and a meddling mother trying their best to ruin everything. Get hints about how the season is ending for others in our Episodes section.

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One happy family! The stunning photography that captures Downton in front of the camera is amazing, but charming behind the scenes shots like this are also plentiful. See them all in our photo galleries.

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