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There are two new love interests for the Downton daughters in Season 6. They're adding fresh personalities to the mix but, which character is your favourite overall? Click through to vote!


A favourite character from Season 1 returned in fine form and caused consternation for Thomas in Episode S6E4. Did you miss it? The episode is available to watch online right now in our Videos section.


Could Mary be on the verge of a new romance with Henry? Watch to find out how long she's resist his charms Wednesdays at 9pm ET.

Photo Galleries

Making Downton Abbey was pure magic for the cast and crew. Take a look behind the scenes of the final season in our Photo Galleries.

Wise Words from the Characters of Downton Abbey

A huge part of what has made "Downton Abbey" a well-respected TV series is the writing. Here are some wise Continue Reading