• Downton Abbey S5E2 2 Home Slide: Mr. Carson (JIM CARTER) POOH POOHING PROGRESS: It's a stand off between Mr. Carson and inevitable change as he staunchly defends his beloved household from advancing into the wireless age. Resistance is futile my good man.
  • Downton Abbey S5E2 1 Home Slide: Lady Grantham, Cora Crawley (ELIZABETH McGOVERN), Simon Bricker (RICHARD E. GRANT) AN EYE FOR BEAUTY: When suave Art Historian Simon Bricker (RICHARD E. GRANT) pays Downton a visit, he begins to appreciate Cora more than the Crawleys' art collection.
  • IndiaDowntonStyleContestTeaser_400COMING SOON! Starting Wed., April 8, watch Downton Abbey Wednesdays at 9pm ET and answer a weekly question for your chance to tour India in luxurious Downton fashion!


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Rebirth is in the air at Downton Abbey, but how much of the past will stay buried, and how much will come back to haunt those who call it home? Find out when the acclaimed fifth season premieres.

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