• Downton Home Slide 3KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING: Lady Rose managed to stir things up at Downton Abbey this season, and was a welcome jolt of positive energy. Will she play an even greater role in the months to come?
  • Downton Home Slide 2NARROWING THE FIELD: Some new information might help Mary choose between her duelling suitors, but her mind is still far from made up. Will she make a decision in Season 5?
  • Downton Abbey S4 Home SlideMATERNAL INSTINCT: The Season 4 Finale saw Edith taking decisive action to bring her baby daughter back to England. But will there be repercussions for her actions?


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Things are rarely as they seem at Downton Abbey. Take a look back on how each character navigated the unexpected highs and devastating lows of Season 4, and get ready for their return later this year.

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