• Downton Abbey S5E6: Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (MAGGIE SMITH), Prince Igor Kuragin (RADE SERBEDZIJA)FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE: The chance meeting of Violet and her much former suitor, Prince Kuragin, has stirred up memories both troubling and rapturous for the Dowager. How will she handle the dashing, but downtrodden, Russian now?
  • Downton Abbey S5E6: Dr. Clarkson (DAVID ROBB), Thomas Barrow (ROB JAMES-COLLIER)THE PAINFUL TRUTH: Thomas' self-loathing and desperation to change has led him to serious illness. Can he discover strength and acceptance via the one person he has spent so much recent time trying to tear down and destroy?
  • Downton Abbey S5E6: Edith Crawley (LAURA CARMICHAEL)LONELY HEART: As Edith suffers another unfathomable heartbreak, she makes a grief-fuelled decision that may come back to haunt her later on.


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Something, or rather someone, she thought she'd left in the past has come back into the Dowager's life. How will she deal with the re-opening of a chapter she thought was already completed? See our Episodes section for clues.

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