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Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Longevity Road Trip S1E2: California

Watch Online: Ian and Leon head to California to discuss the future of life extension research in San Francisco and the Blue Zones.…

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Ageless Gardens S1E2: Hospice Patient Gardening

Ageless Gardens S1E2: Therapeutic Gardens

WATCH ONLINE: From healing oases at hospitals to home gardens that replenish the body and mind, AG looks at therapeutic gardening.…

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TONIGHT 10pm ET: SEASON FINALE – With Amanda and Guy’s wedding fast approaching, Sidney is thrown into crisis.…

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Call the Midwife - Season 6

Call the Midwife

TONIGHT 9pm ET: SEASON FINALE! The midwives oversee the opening of a family planning clinic at the local community centre.…

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Photo of "Persecuted Christians" program logo. Freedom of religion: it’s a right that many of us enjoy to its fullest extent. However, in some parts of the world, the ability to practice one's faith and beliefs can come with a dangerous and demoralizing price. Award-winning film-maker and accomplished foreign correspondent Martin Himel, along with Majed El Shafie, explore some of the atrocities that Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan. Freedom of religion: it’s a right ...Read more
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Feb 21, 2018

It is with great sadness that VisionTV.ca reports the death of revered evangelist Billy Graham. He was 99-years-old. Continue reading

Feb 20, 2018

Unfortunately for “Call the Midwife” fans, three members of the strong ensemble opted to exit the show ahead of its seventh season. Continue reading

Feb 16, 2018

In the video, a laughing 93-year-old woman is seated in a chair as peppy music plays and her enthusiastic trainer provides direction. Continue reading

Feb 15, 2018

Recently, VisionTV personality Marilyn Lightstone has taken to new technology to create her latest art exhibit, “Good Morning World!” Continue reading