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A Christmas Carol

Tuesday, December 19 | Midnight ET/9pm PT

A stunning contemporary version of Charles Dickens’ classic morality tale.

Witty, moving, romantic and thought-provoking, A Christmas Carol is both a chilling ghost story and a magical fairytale.

It’s Christmas Eve, and for Eddie Scrooge (ROSS KEMP- In Defence, EastEnders, Hero of the Hour), loan shark on a run-down housing estate, that means one thing – tomorrow is the best collection day of the year.  On Christmas Day you’ll always find people at home.

In this modern day version, Eddie Scrooge is feared by all and loved by none.  Animal Marley (RAY FEARON – Hamlet), his ex-partner who died in mysterious circumstances, visits Scrooge on Christmas Eve as the Ghost of Christmas Present and he also encounters the Ghosts of Christmas Past – in the form of his father (WARREN MITCHELL – Til Death Do Us Part) – and Future.

Through them Scrooge has to confront the truth about himself…but is it too late for him to find redemption.

This production draws on Dickens’ original message of a wake-up call to change the way you live before it’s too late, bringing in new elements to bring it up to date for today’s viewers.


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