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Peter Falk and John Cassavetes star in "Columbo: Etude in Black"

Columbo: Etude in Black

Wed. Oct. 24 & Thurs. Oct. 25 | Midnight ET/9pm PT & 9pm ET/6pm PT

In Etude in Black, Lt. Columbo is joined by guest stars John Cassavetes and Myrna Loy at the Hollywood Bowl, where the stage is set for murder as the maestro is threatened with scandal by his mistress.

Myrna Loy plays Lizzi, a “patron of the arts” who is the mother-in-law of the symphony orchestra’s maestro (Cassavetes). The maestro faces a scandal, even loss of his position, if his mistress, Jennifer Wells (Anjanetee Comer), exposes their affair to his wife, Janice (Blythe Danner).

James Olsen also guest stars as Paul Rifkin, an ex-lover of the maestro’s mistress and a former dope addict. (1972)

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