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Columbo Murder Under Glass

Columbo: Murder Under Glass

Wednesday, August 2 | Midnight ET/9pm PT

Peter Falk as the wily Lt. Columbo, and his real-life bride, actress Shera Danese, playing a vivacious girl Friday, join forces to incriminate a world-famous food critic – and murder suspect – played by guest star Louis Jourdan.

Food critic Paul Gerard as been blackmailing gourmet restaurant owners for huge sums of money in exchage for favourable newspaper reviews. When restauranteur Vittoria Rossi threatens to expose Gerard, the dashing Frenchman plans a near-perfect crime using the deadly poison from a Japanese fish that only licensed chefs are qualified to handle.

Lt. Columbo, stymied by the ingeniuous plot, is without a lead until Eve unknowingly gives away Gerard’s expertise in handling the deadly Japanese fish. (1978)

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