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Richard Young, Geoffrey Hymers, Sachin Sharma and Tara Joshi star in English Butler Masala Chai

English Butler Masala Chai

Thursday, July 6, 2017 | 9pm ET/6 PT

In this comedy of errors, Vivek Kharbanda (Sachin Sharma) is a U.S. Real Estate Tycoon who remains fiercely proud of his Indian heritage. But this pride goes hand-in-hand with his resentment of the British and their two-hundred year rule over India. So when Vivek’s daughter Vidhi (Tara Joshi) becomes romantically involved with Harry William II (Geoff Hymers), a Theater Major and descendant of British royalty, she lies and tells her father that her boyfriend is Indian.

After countless frustrations over his idiotic but lovable Italian cook Friday (Tony Sierra), Vivek asks his daughter to send him a British butler to “finally put the British in their place.” Vivek’s request at first infuriates Harry, but to show-off his acting skills, Harry decides to play the role of butler in Vivek’s home. Vidhi realizes that this zany idea might be the only way she can introduce her British boyfriend to her father, and the couple bets that if Harry can fool Vivek into thinking he is a real butler, Vidhi will finally accept how racist her father is. To satisfy Vivek’s demands to meet Vidhi’s new man, the two rope in Vidhi’s meek gay best friend Praveen (Richard Young) to pose as Vidhi’s fictional Indian boyfriend. And while Vidhi, Harry and Praveen try to keep their stories straight, at Vivek’s company a more sinister scheme is afoot, as trusted Vice- President Chris Anderson (Liam Card) and his colleague Rachael (Amelia Sirianni) plan to secretly take over Vivek’s company.

Will Vivek’s anti-British attitude prove unbreakable, jeopardizing Vidhi’s and Harry’s relationship? Will Chris’s and Rachael’s plot against Vivek be discovered before it’s too late? And will Friday finally follow an order correctly? Come see how spicy this tale gets!

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