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Phoebe Jo Jo Kut and Hollie Lo star in Eve and the Fire Horse

Eve and the Fire Horse

Mon. & Tues., April 1 & 2, 2019 | Midnight & 9pm ET/9 & 6pm PT

Eve, a precocious nine year-old with an overactive imagination, was born in the year of the Fire Horse, notorious among Chinese families for producing the most troublesome children. When her older sister Karena becomes fascinated with Christianity, crucifixes pop up next to the Buddha in the family’s house and Eve must contend with a Sunday school class where her wild imagination is distinctly out of place.

Caught between her sister’s quest for premature sainthood and her own sense of right and wrong, Eve faces the challenges of childhood with fanciful humour and wide-eyed wonder. Sometimes the most troublesome children are the ones that touch our hearts most deeply. (2005) Stars Vivian Wu, Lester Chan, Hollie Lo and Phoebe Jo Jo Kut as Eve.

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