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I Prophesy: The Future Revealed

Mon. - Thurs. | 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT

Human beings are obsessed with trying to predict events to come. I Prophesy: The Future Revealed, an anthology series from VisionTV, takes a critical look at the predictions of present-day oracles and considers the possible tomorrows that await us.



Monday, Sept. 15 | Mass Extinction
Earth’s species are dying at an alarming rate and on a global scale. The argument to prevent human extinction takes place as we approach a threshold through which there may be no return.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 | Cyborg
Artificial intelligence is evolving at an exponential pace. What lies ahead presents a staggering change to our natural evolution.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 | Nuclear 9-11
Is nuclear terrorism a real or imagined threat? How would the world cope in the face of the devastation of a major city from the detonation of a nuclear device?

Thursday, Sept. 18 | Thought Police
Does security equal freedom? Are we living Orwell’s 1984 vision?

Monday, Sept. 22 | 2012
The Mayan calendar system is complex and wonderful, the offshoot of a remarkable civilization.  Is the present state of disregard of the relationship between man and nature the precursor to doomsday?

Wednesday, Sept. 24 | Apocalypse 2060
Sir Isaac Newton was a deeply religious man who became obsessed with determining the date for the end of the world. Will Newton’s calculations be right? Will the world as we know it end in 2060?

Thursday, Sept. 25 | Chasing Chimera
Scientists are conducting chimeric experiments – injecting animals with human DNA to create new forms of life. What will this mean for humanity? And will we be wise enough to stop before we go too far?

Monday, Sept. 29 | Superflood
Flood stories have been part of human culture since the beginnings of civilization. And the 21st century is no exception. Today, the vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is causing massive ice melt in Earth’s polar regions. But what will be the result?

Tuesday, Sept. 30 | Tiny Revolution
Imagine having a machine that could build any product you could possibly want. Nanotechnologists explore the possible invention and use of the “Anything Box,” a device that will do just that.

Wednesday, Oct. 1 | Cosmic Energy
As our environment is stretched to the limit, will we struggle with unparalleled scarcity and conflict?  Or will we change the coming era of uncertainty into a new world of opportunity?

Thursday, Oct. 2 | Journey from Earth
Colonizing other planets may be necessary to ensure survival of the human race. Astronaut, Leroy Chiao, and scientists from Princeton to the UK explain how and why another “giant leap” for humankind is essential to our future journey.

Monday, Oct. 6 | Utopia
Utopian experts tell us what Thomas More, author of “What is the Future of the Perfect World?” predicted for his perfect world, and how that can be translated to our future.

Tuesday, Oct. 7 | Rapture Ready
As another End of Days date slips by without incident, it’s worth stopping and working out where all these apocalyptic ideas come from. Why should the world ever end?

Wednesday, Oct. 8 | The Red Heifer
The red heifer or red cow was a sacrifice in the Old Testament, the ashes of which are used for the ritual purification of an ancient Israelite who had come into contact with a corpse. This episode presents the unlikely role a red heifer plays in the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy in Israel.

Thursday, Oct. 9 | Nostradamus
Were events like the death of Henry II, the Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler, the assassination of JFK, and a catastrophic earthquake in California in 2015 all been foretold by Nostradamus?

Monday, Oct. 13 | The Prophesy of the Popes
Pope Benedict is dead. As the bells toll, an earthquake swallows the Vatican. Days later, a super volcano erupts in North America. As an 800-year-old prophecy nears its chilling climax, Judgment Day appears to be at hand.

Tuesday, Oct. 14 | Edgar Cayce: Prophet of Doom
Nearly 70 years after his death, trance psychic Edgar Cayce continues to mystify with terrifying predictions of future calamities.

Wednesday, Oct. 15 | Blood Moon
A close examination of Biblical prophecies reveals that highly unusual celestial events could foreshadow the end of the world in 2015.

Thursday, Oct. 16 | Hildegard, Mystic of the Rhine
A selection of prophecies and visions from Germanic monks and nuns, dating back nine centuries to Abbess Hildegard.

Monday, Oct. 20 | Mother Shipton’s Visions
Janet Ursula Southiel (Southill), more popularly known as Mother Ursula Shipton, lived in Yorkshire England from 1488-1561. She became quite well known for the accuracy of her visions which were published in a collection in 1641.

Tuesday, Oct. 21 | Tesla Conspiracy
Tesla is known for a wide array of prophetic predictions, some of which eventually became modern scientific inventions, while others, such as wireless power, ion engine, null-gravity fields, and even a teleforce or “death ray” weapon are only now crossing over from the wilderness of fringe theory, and edging closer to reality.

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