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Ironside: (L to R) Det. Sergeant Ed Brown (DON GALLOWAY), Officer Eve Whitfield (BARBARA ANDERSON), Mark Sanger (DON MITCHELL), Chief Robert T. Ironside (RAYMOND BURR)


Weekdays | 5pm ET/2pm PT (concludes Aug. 29, 2016)

Emmy winner Raymond Burr is Ironside, a former chief detective now bound to a wheelchair. Since he can no longer pursue criminals on foot, he must use his brilliant mind to solve cases. A fantastic, hyper-intelligent show that turns the police genre on its head.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our revival of this classic drama, which will conclude its run on Monday, Aug. 29. Watch for the wonderful return of the beloved family series, The Waltons on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 5pm ET/2pm PT.



RAYMOND BURR – Chief Robert T. Ironside
DON GALLOWAY – Det. Sergeant Ed Brown
BARBARA ANDERSON – Officer Eve Whitfield
DON MITCHELL – Mark Sanger
ELIZABETH BAUR – Officer Fran Belding

No more videos for this show - You can watch this show on Vision TV. Check out our show schedule.

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