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Life in a Cottage Garden

Life in a Cottage Garden

Mondays | 8pm ET/5pm PT

Carol Klein will guide you through a whole year in the life of her garden. We’ll see how it grows, flourishes, dies and is constantly reborn. From the chill of deep midwinter to the first green shoots of spring through to the celebration of high summer, the bounty of harvest home, the slow decline into golden autumn and the inevitable return to winter. Using highly innovative lapse-time techniques, the seasons will unfold magically. The series will be packed with information and it will also be a feast for the senses.
This is the story of a year in the life of Carol’s garden.


Monday, June 19
It’s winter and there is much to do – cutting back, preparing the soil and garlic planting.

Monday, June 26
There is great change in the garden, as the remnants of winter make way for the spring.

Spring into Summer
Monday, July 3
In May and June, Carol is planting out sweet peas and staking perennials.

Life in a Cottage Garden

High Summer
Monday, July 10
In July and August there’s staking to be done and roses to deadhead.

Monday, July 17
In September and October it’s harvest time and there’s tidying and collecting to be done.

Into Winter
Monday, July 24
In November and December, holly, box and yew reveal their evergreen glory.

Life in a Cottage Garden

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