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Nadia Litz stars as Phoebe and Adrien Dixon stars as Frazer in "Love That Boy" Photo by Thomas M. Harting, CSC

Love That Boy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 | 9pm ET/6 PT

A young woman who sets out to find a boyfriend get’s more than she bargained for when she falls for a much younger boy.

Phoebe (Nadia Litz of The Five Senses) is a socially inept overachiever, unrecognized in a world run by C students. With a month until college ends, she`s given herself a “To Accomplish Before Graduation” list, which includes everything from picking wild mushrooms to learning how to kayak.

When her roommate points out that what Phoebe really needs is a boyfriend, she simply adds that to her list. After the demise of her first relationship – her “boyfriend” didn`t even know they were going out – Phoebe inadvertently falls in love. The only problem is, he`s 14. (2003)

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