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Notorious Women of the Bible - Jezebel

Notorious Women of the Bible

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Eve, Jezebel, Bathsheba, Esther, and Delilah. This five part series tells the timeless stories of love, adultery, politics, murder, mayhem, and motherhood.  It looks at the Old Testament stories of women who dared to take the initiative and assume responsibility for their destiny.

Notorious Women of the Bible investigates the historical, geographical, cultural and theological context of the stories surrounding these infamous females who belonged to a patriarchal society, and whose options were few and stark. They challenged, seduced, tricked, took risks and some even staked their lives and continue to inspire poets, theologians and artists.


Eve – The Original Rebel

Notorious Women of the Bible - EveThe story of Eve opens up with a vision of loneliness, companionship, desire and love. It tells how woman, made in the Creators image, gives up a life of ease in an idyllic setting, along with the promise of immortality, and instead chooses to pursue wisdom and intimacy with her man. Stereotypes of Eve haunt our societal view of women today.


Delilah – One Feisty Femme

Notorious Women of the Bible - DelilahSamson may have been the classic biblical Israeli strong man, but he was no match for a pretty young Philistine named Delilah. We all think we know this traditional tale, but do we? Was Delilah a pawn, a Judas or a survivor? Hers is a rich, complex story of romance, betrayal and revenge that will bring down the house as we explore this legend from an entirely new perspective.


Bathsheba – Wife, Mother, Queen

Notorious Women of the Bible - BathshebaThe setting: a late afternoon in Jerusalem some 3,000 years ago. A beautiful young woman bathes on the roof under the last rays of dusk, espied by the lustful eyes of a hidden admirer. The admirer, King David, is not where he’s supposed to be, on the battlefield with his troops. And the woman, Bathsheba, is married. Her husband is a general in David’s army. Though normally a righteous man, with a harem already full of wives and concubines, the king succumbs to his overwhelming desire. Every hero must have his fatal flaw, and Bathsheba is his.

Jezebel – The Ultimate Bad Girl

Notorious Women of the Bible - JezebelNo biblical woman is more reviled than Jezebel. Her name lives to this day as a synonym for feminine evil. Jezebel’s story is a rich mix of historical events, allegorical interpretation and metaphorical license. At the climax of her long struggle to bring pagan worship to the kingdom of Israel, Queen Jezebel pays a terrible price. To modern feminist authors, Jezebel is one of the most intriguing women in the Scriptures. Though denounced as a murderer, prostitute and enemy of God, some still find reason to admire this ancient queen.

Esther – A Clever Heroine

Notorious Women of the Bible - EstherThe book of Esther tells the story of a beautiful orphan who hides her Jewish identity, becomes Queen of Persia and saves her people from destruction. A controversial figure, Esther has been criticized for being a ‘bad Jew’; flouting a tradition, marrying a gentile and being vengeful and bloodthirsty. Still, with great courage, wisdom and imagination, she stops a pogrom.


Notorious Women of the Bible was produced for VisionTV by Soapbox Productions and Ice Cube Pictures. It was created by Sandra Gould.  The series was directed by Nick Orchard and Sandra Gould, written by Helen Slinger and narrated by Jim Byrnes. Nick Orchard and Sandra Gould produce.


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