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One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave

Thursdays | 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Bald, bad-tempered and bolshie, Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson) might be old and pensioned off, but he is not prepared to take insults, sloppiness or stupidity lying down. His favourite phrase, “I don’t believe it!” greets every new catastrophe and, being Victor, the smallest thing can assume epic proportions.

People, in Victor Meldrew’s view, were created to annoy him. And Victor annoys them too, provoking them to extremes.

Sharing the misery, nightmares and confusion are his long-suffering wife Margaret (she’ll never forget the day she found Victor buried up to his neck with a flowerpot over his head), friend Mrs Warboys (she’ll never forget that country walk with her foot cemented to Victor’s), and neighbours Mr Swainey and his bedridden mother, Pippa (she will never forget the pile of radio-active manure on her drive) and Patrick (who will never forget the hideous experience of having a crab surgically removed from his genitals).


The Man Who Blew Away
Thursday, February 16

The Meldrew household plays host to a suicidal stranger from the past, who they know only because they stayed in the same guest house 17 years ago. Someone has been tampering with Victor’s Christmas Crackers, and the Meldrews are decidedly unhappy when their stolen car is finally returned.

Only A Story
Thursday, February 23

Mrs. Warboys comes to stay with the Meldrews while her flat dries out after a flood. Victor suffers a most unpleasant kitchen accident, tries a bit of so-called reflexology, and has a run-in with a chimney sweep.

The Affair Of The Hollow Lady
Thursday, March 2

Everyone is stunned when Mrs.Warboys has a wax model of herself made as the prize from a competition. Millicent the local greengrocer takes a fancy to Victor and attempts to claim him from Margaret.

One Foot in the Grave

Rearranging the Dust
Thursday, March 9

The Meldrews suffer a long wait in their solicitor’s waiting room.Victor observes the strange habits of the other visitors, fidgets impatiently, and finally attacks a dog with a cake. Margaret remembers the first time they kissed.

Hole in the Sky
Thursday, March 16

Margaret and Pippa once more attempt to getVictor and Patrick to bury the hatchet but the result is no less of a disaster than usual.Victor restores a Dutch girl marionette and experiments with some deadly seafood cookery.

The Exterminating Angel
Thursday, March 23

Romance is in the air for Mr. Swainee when he finally invites Tania the nurse out for a date. Victor takes a job as a chauffeur but rapidly wipes out his employers beloved fleet through a series of Victor-esque mishaps.

One Foot in the Grave

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