Israel: The Prophetic Connection

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Host Rev. Dr. John Tweedie explains biblical prophecies concerning Israel, past, present, and future. Through vivid images, on-site teaching, and captivating interviews, you will feel the pulse of our prophetic times, gaining new insights into God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the nations.

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Aug. 4th/6th | Walking with the Prophets: Ezekiel

The prophet who saw Israel’s glorious future.
Ezekiel was both a priest and a prophet who had the thankless task of proclaiming God’s truth to the Jewish exiles in Babylon. Had they listened carefully to his words, they would have found in them hope beyond their despair. Ezekiel’s profound insights enabled him to see the establishment of a millennial kingdom that would come at the end of centuries of exile, hardship and struggle, a time when a new Israel would arise from what had formally been a “Valley of Dry Bones.”

Aug. 11th/13th | Walking with the Prophets: Daniel

A prophet who saw the ‘End of days’ from his place in exile.
Daniel was among the young Israeli captives carried away into Babylon, but Daniel never forgot who he was much less where he came from. His stalwart faith in God, coupled with his God-given ability to interpret dreams, led to a position of influence and prominence in the Babylonian court. It also gave rise to jealous adversaries and a night in the lions’ den.
Daniel, however, emerged from his ordeal alive and triumphant. In time, God would allow him to see the unfolding of events immediately preceding the appearance of Israel’s Messiah at the “End of Days.”

Aug. 18th/20th | Walking with the Prophets: Joel

A prophet called to pronounce judgment upon nations.
Joel’s prophetic calling had him pronouncing warnings, not only of his own nation’s impending judgment, but also of judgment upon nations far off in the future. Joel reminded all of his listeners that obedience to God’s ways always leads to blessing instead of cursing, and to restoration instead of devastation.

Aug. 25th/27th | Walking with the Prophets: Amos

An extraordinary call upon an ordinary life.
By his own admission, Amos was a sheep breeder; however, God had an extraordinary prophetic call upon his life that he could not ignore. Amos had harsh warnings, not only for Israel, but also for her neighbors. He saw Israel’s future dispersion, a consequence of her disobedience, but he also saw her restoration and future prosperity when the hills would “drip with new wine.”

Sept. 1st/3rd | Walking with the Prophets: Jonah

A prophet who ran, but couldn’t hide, from God.
Jonah’s prophetic calling and journey is one of the strangest in the Bible. Having run from God, he is swallowed by a great fish, yet lives to tell the tale. Given a second chance to serve as God’s prophetic messenger, Jonah succeeds when a whole city repents and turns to God in response to his preaching; but ironically, Jonah, for purely selfish reasons, is more disappointed than glad. Skeptics, who doubt Jonah’s story, will have to wrestle with a parallel Jesus makes between His own life and that of Jonah’s experiences.

Sept. 8th/10th | Walking with the Prophets: Malachi

The end of one prophetic era and the beginning of another.
As the Old Testament period ends, all is not well with God’s chosen people, Israel. Malachi’s generation has virtually forgotten about God and His love for them, a disappointment readily found on the prophet’s lips. Indeed, a great chasm now exists between them and their God; however, Malachi finds hope in promises written long ago in the Law of Moses.
Malachi calls for reconciliation in families as a first step toward reconciliation with God.
This is his final word to them before a prolonged period of prophetic silence that will last until a new prophetic age is ushered in by a lone voice crying in the wilderness…

Sept. 15th/17th | Walking with the Prophets: John the Baptist

Called to prepare the way of the Messiah.
John was born on purpose, but he died an untimely death, seemingly cut off in the prime of life. He first appears on Israel’s prophetic landscape as a voice crying in the wilderness; he goes on to challenge religious hypocrisy wherever he finds it, whether among the priestly class, common class or even in royal households. Amazingly, thousands stream out of Israel’s cities and towns and into the desert just to hear John preach and to be baptized by him in the River Jordan. Jesus said of John that “…among those born of women, there had not risen a greater than John the Baptist.” But Jesus also understood, as did John, that John’s prophetic mission would end soon after Messiah’s ministry had begun.

Sept. 22nd/25th | John the Apostle

The prophet who received the greatest of all revelations.
John was an eyewitness to the greatest miracles the world has ever seen, but at the end of his days he would also receive the greatest of all prophetic revelations from none other than the risen Christ. John was told to record what he saw in what is known as The Book of Revelation, the final book of the Holy Bible, and the only book that offers a blessing to those who read, hear and take to heart what is written therein. John was also privileged to see that final battle called Armageddon when Jesus, the King of Kings, overcomes all that is evil in the world and begins His 1000 year reign from the Holy City, Jerusalem.


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