Touched By An Angel: S5 (L to R) Tess (DELLA REESE), Monica (ROMA DOWNEY), Andrew (JOHN DYE)

Touched By An Angel

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Rediscover the heartwarming, moving and award-winning drama Touched by an Angel. Starring Della Reese and Roma Downey, Touched by an Angel was one of North America’s highest rated shows during its original, nine season run.

Throughout the series, Monica (Downey), an Earth-bound angel, is assigned to bring guidance and inspiration to people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Monica reports to Tess (Reese), her tough, wise and always loving supervisor. In season three, Monica and Tess are joined by Andrew (John Dye), who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, helps out as a caseworker on the divine assignments. While the angels may not bring absolute answers to the troubled people they encounter, they always deliver a message of hope.





Monday, Mar. 24 - “The Penalty Box”: The angels help a wealthy hockey-playing teen (ZACHARY TY BRYAN) learn about humility when his family loses their money.

Tuesday, Mar. 25 - “Band of Angels”:When a young man kills the only person who ever really believed in him during a botched robbery attempt, he faces a bleak future until the angels intervene. Christian musical group “Plus One” performs its songs When Your Spirit Gets Weak and The Promise.

Wednesday, Mar. 26 - “Sign of the Dove”: An angel of death must help a man on the verge of committing suicide.

Thursday, Mar. 27 - “Face of God”: The angels intervene when a determined geneticist insists on cloning a child from the DNA of Albert Einstein. VALERIE BERTINELLI joins the cast as the show’s newest angel.

Friday, Mar. 28 - “Netherlands”: When a building explosion kills many people Monica questions her faith in God, and while at her most vulnerable a very dark stranger (MANDY PATINKIN) appears to help.

Monday, Mar. 31 - “Shallow Water Part 1″: After a tragic accident, the angels are on a mission to help a woman gain insight into the breakup of her musical family. Featuring country, screen and singing stars FAYE DUNAWAY, RANDY TRAVIS, THE GAITHERS, KEB’ MO’ and more! (Part 1 of 2).

Tuesday, Apr. 1 - “Shallow Water Part 2″: After a tragic accident, the angels are on a mission to help a woman gain insight into the breakup of her musical family. Featuring the GAITHER VOCAL BAND along with country, screen and singing stars FAYE DUNAWAY, RANDY TRAVIS, KEB’ MO’ and more! (Part 2 of 2).

Wednesday, Apr. 2 - “Holy of Holies”: A student shares an old scroll in the Aramaic language with his professor (WILLIAM RUSS), which sparks the hope of locating the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Thursday, Apr. 3 - “The Perfect Game”: Monica steps in to train a baseball team when a father’s (ERNIE HUDSON) criticism threatens the Major League hopes of an ace pitcher.  Sports icon HANK AARON appears as himself.

Friday, Apr. 4 - “The Birthday Present”: A teenager plots to kill his abusive father in order to protect his sister, but his plans go awry and he is killed in a tragic accident, prompting the angels to intervene.

Monday, Apr. 7 - “Manhunt”: Monica helps a woman traumatised by the break-up of her relationship by setting her up with another man, but things don’t go according to plan.

Tuesday, Apr. 8 - “Chutzpah”: The angels come to the aid of a Jewish community threatened by skinheads, and Monica helps a father and daughter heal their life-long rift.

Wednesday, Apr. 9 - “Famous Last Words”: With Monica’s assistance, a man on death row (SEAN PATRICK FLANERY) seeks forgiveness.

Thursday, Apr. 10 - “Most Likely to Succeed”: At their 10th high school reunion a wealthy businessman (DENNIS LOGGINS) and a famous football star (DYLAN BRUNO) revisit their high school past. Country music’s TOBY KEITH performs.

Friday, Apr. 11 - “Heaven’s Portal”: Gloria follows a troubled teen to a rave party, where they are offered the drug Ecstasy. PETER SCOLARI and STEPHANIE ZIMBALIST guest star.

Monday, Apr. 14 - “When Sunny Gets Blue”: Gloria comes to the aid of a young man (ZACHARY QUINTO) who longs for the father (JOHN SAVAGAE) he never knew.

Tuesday, Apr. 15 - “Angels Anonymous”: Monica attempts to help a lonely paramedic, Andrew sends a couple to a marriage counsellor and Rafael makes a shocking discovery in a restaurant.

Wednesday, Apr. 16 - “The Last Chapter”: Monica is reunited with a recovering alcoholic she’d helped before (PHYLICIA RASHAD) and who now has a secret to share.

Thursday, Apr. 17 - “Ship-in-Bottle”:The angels assist a man (MYKELTI WILLIAMSON of The Fugitive) who must learn that he can’t control every aspect of his life or the lives of others.

Friday, Apr. 18 - “The Blue Angel”: The angels revisit an old friend hoping to help him realize his vision within the television industry. Ernest Borgnine (“McHale’s Navy”) and Tom Bosley (“Happy Days”) guest star.

Monday, Apr. 21 - “Secrets and Lies”: The angels assist a man (JOHN HEARD) with a difficult secret seeking help for a daughter who needs a bone marrow transplant.

Tuesday, Apr. 22 - “The Princeless Bride”: Andrew comes to the rescue of a marriage that is starting off on the wrong foot. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS guest stars.

Wednesday, Apr. 23 - “Hello, I Love You”: After her mother dies, 10-year-old Danni Blake is determined to find the father she never knew.

Thursday, Apr. 24 - “Minute By Minute”: When a bomb is planted at a local high school, the angels must stop it from exploding.

Friday, Apr. 25 - “The Bells of St. Peter’s”: An eternal optimist (DORIS ROBERTS) plans a family vacation for her daughter (MARE WINNINGHAM) and son-in-law hopes of strengthening their marriage, but the angels become involved when her plans go awry.

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