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Wind at My Back Christmas

Wind at My Back Christmas

Tuesday, December 5 | 9pm ET/6pm PT

Christmas in New Bedford is not how it should be. Grace (Kathryn Greenwood Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and her mother have gone to Europe to recover her husband’s belongings when war breaks out and they are stranded. At home, sister-in-law Toppy is in a tizzy because she is directing the town pageant, but the script is a flop. Nephew Hub, who is planning on becoming a priest, returns home from school for the holidays and brings a surprise with him – a girlfriend who is a Jewish refugee. (2001)

Starring Dylan Provencher as Hubert “Hub” Bailey, Tyrone Savage as Henry “Fat” Bailey, Robin Craig as Toppy Bailey, Natasha LaForce as Violet Bailey, James Carroll as Max Sutton, Laura Bruneau as Honey Sutton, Dougie LaForce as Zach Sutton, Robert Bockstael as Jim Flett and Dalene Irvine as Maisy McGinty.

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