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royals - mental health

The Young Royals Help Bring Awareness to Mental Health

We’ll tell you how Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry plan to raise awareness for mental health. Continue reading

Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Consumption Can Lessen the Risk of Stroke

If you have a healthy dose of fresh fruit in your diet, you may have a lower chance of suffering a stroke. We’ll tell you why! Continue reading

Pain - Osteoarthritis

Study: Tylenol May Not Help Your Osteoarthritis Pain

Tylenol is one of the most popular and doctor recommended medication brands on the market, but it may not help your osteoarthritis. Continue reading

Medical Misdiagnosis Can be Cured by Patient Politeness

If you want a proper diagnosis, be nice to your doctor. On Friday at 3:30pm ET, find out what Dr. Zach has to say about medical misdiagnosis. Continue reading

retirees - swing

Study: An Active Social Life Helps Retirees Live Longer

It is very easy to look forward to retirement and think about how fantastic it’ll be to avoid the morning commute, a demanding boss, or the restrictions that spending a whole day inside an office can place on a person’s … Continue reading

Ask Dr. Zach - Pilot 2 - Audience Call to Action

Join Our Studio Audience for Ask Dr. Zach

Join us live in our Zoomer Hall as top notch E.R. physician and ZoomerRadio host Dr. Zach Levine answers your health questions. Continue reading