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Arthur & George: Snapshots E1 - Feature Image

Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense from Episode 1

Here are some of the most memorable snapshots from episode one of the stunning, three-part miniseries, “Arthur & George.” Continue reading

Arthur & George - Gallery

A Photographic Look at the Career of Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes is one of the most beloved British actors around. Here’s a snapshot look at his career. “Arthur & George” starts Wed. 9pm ET. Continue reading

Hugh Bonneville - Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville: “These characters did become a part of peoples’ lives.”

Even though Bonneville has moved forward from “Downton Abbey,” he is not shy to speak about the everlasting appeal of the series. Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II - 90

Enjoy These Photos & Videos of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Festivities

Considering the magnitude of this event, social media has been buzzing with photos and videos of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. Continue reading

The Crimson Field Question From The Front S1E6

The Crimson Field Question from the Front S1E6: How Will Sister Joan’s Love Story End?

Although Sister Joan and Anton’s future is uncertain, how do you see their love story ending? Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II

Poll: Canadians Have Big-Time Respect for Queen Elizabeth II

While Queen Elizabeth II may be geographically far removed from Canada, she remains close to the hearts of Canadians. Continue reading

The Crimson Field: Question from the Front S1E5

The Crimson Field Question from the Front S1E5: Has Matron Grace Finally Found Closure?

After learning about the condition of a past romantic interest, we wonder if Matron Grace can finally experience some closure. Continue reading

Downton Abbey - Behind the Scenes

Staying Social with the Characters & Fans of Downton Abbey

“Downton Abbey” is more than just an outstanding television series: it’s also a continually exciting social media topic. Continue reading

Samantha Bond

Downton Abbey Actress Samantha Bond Speaks Out in Favour of Assisted Dying

Following her mother’s passing, “Downton Abbey” actress Samantha Bond became a vocal supporter of physician assisted dying. Continue reading

The Crimson Field Question From the Front S1E4

The Crimson Field Question from the Front S1E4: Will Kitty Let Herself Fall in Love Again?

Something romantic has been brewing between nurse Kitty and Captain Thomas Gillan. But will Kitty be thrown off by a part of her past? Continue reading