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Fear Into Fortitude: Setting the Scene for Home Fires Episode 2

Fear Into Fortitude: Setting the Scene for Home Fires Episode 2

Author Julie Summers transports us back to the first, fearful weeks of WW2 and the WI’s growing role at home. Home Fires airs Wed., 9pm ET. Continue reading

Find Everything from Downton to Poldark on the Great British Television Map - Feature Image

Find Everything from Downton to Poldark on The Great British Television Map!

On this glorious map, fans of British shows can see just how close to one another the filming locations of Doc Martin & Poldark really are. Continue reading

Home Fires starring Samantha Bond and Francesca Annis

Home Fires: Setting the Scene with Author Julie Summers

The author of the book that inspired the hit series Home Fires takes you deeper into the Women’s Institute movement just prior to WWII. Continue reading

Home Fires Burning Question S1E1

The Home Fires Burning Question S1E1: Can Frances Turn the Women’s Institute Around?

Do you think Frances has what it takes to rally the Women’s Institute and make it an important place for her Great Paxford sisterhood? Continue reading

Downton Abbey S5E4: Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (MAGGIE SMITH)

The Dowager’s 20 Greatest Downton Abbey Quips

A beloved aspect of Downton Abbey since the beginning, here are 20 of our favourite Dowagerisms! Downton S4 returns Wed., 10pm ET. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E8

Doc Martin Redux S7E8: Happiness is a Warm Gun

In the Season 7 finale, Martin finds himself under the gun in more ways than you’d think. Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E8

Poldark Poll S1E8: How Will Ross Combat the Corrupt Hand of Justice?

After being arrested on false charges, how do you think Ross will combat the corrupt hand of justice?
Continue reading

Danny Dyer - National Television Awards 2016 - NTA

Downton Abbey; Poldark & EastEnders Stars Shine at National Television Awards

At the 2016 National Television Awards in the UK, “Downton Abbey” and stars of “Poldark” & “EastEnders” won big! Continue reading

Doc Martin S7E7 Redux

Doc Martin Redux S7E7: Moving Through Time & Space

As much as Martin and Louisa work through couples therapy, not a lot seems to be, well, working for them. Could this be the end? Continue reading

Poldark Poll S1E7

Poldark Poll S1E7: Will Ross Be Able to Forgive Demelza for the Damage She’s Done?

After helping bring Verity and Captain Blamey together, should Demelza be forgiven by Ross for the damage she’s done? Continue reading