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Doc Martin: Martin Clunes & Caroline Catz

2018 TV Choice Awards: Vote for Your VisionTV Favourites!

A number of series and stars you know and love from watching VisionTV, have been nominated for the 2018 TV Choice Awards. Continue reading

Maurizio Malagnini - Call The Midwife

Call the Midwife’s Composer Chats About the Series Soundtrack

As much as we should rave about the “Call the Midwife” stars, we should also pay proper respect to the series music. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - S4

Casting Changes Come to Call the Midwife

Unfortunately for “Call the Midwife” fans, three members of the strong ensemble opted to exit the show ahead of its seventh season. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - Season 6

Call the Midwife Tour Coming to the U.K.

Considering all of the goodness “Call the Midwife” brings to its audience, it sensible that the series is poised to open its own walking tour. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - Season 6

Jenny Agutter Sings the Praises of Call the Midwife

On “Call the Midwife,” Jenny Agutter portrays Sister Julienne, arguably Nonnatus House’s best voice of reason and calming influence. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - Jennifer Kirby

Jennifer Kirby is Keen About her Time on Call the Midwife

In a recent interview, actress Jennifer Kirby explained what she most loves about being a part of “Call the Midwife.” Continue reading

Victoria Yeates - Call the Midwife

Victoria Yeates of Call the Midwife has Always Wanted to Adopt Kids

“Call the Midwife” star Victoria Yeates has long thought about the importance of all children having a home. Continue reading

Laura Main - Shrek Musical

Call the Midwife Star Touring in Shrek: The Musical

Laura Main speaks about the differences and similarities that her roles in “Call the Midwife” and “Shrek: The Musical” have. Continue reading

Helen George - Call the Midwife - Baby

Helen George Hoped Call the Midwife Would Prepare her for Motherhood

Would a role on “Call the Midwife” better prepare you for having a child? Actress Helen George offers her opinion on that. Continue reading

Call the Midwife - Season 6

Call the Midwife Creator Defends her Show’s Strength

For “Call the Midwife” creator Heidi Thomas, her award-winning series is way more than just a show about women, for women. Continue reading