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You Can Appear in a New Episode of Healing Yoga!

Are you interested in gentle, restorative yoga and strength building? If so, then we would love to have you appear on a new episode of “Healing Yoga”! Continue reading

My Life – My Choice: A Sister’s Heartfelt Farewell to Kathy Wardle

At Kathy Wardle’s 2015 funeral, Lesley Forrester presented a moving farewell to her sister. You can read an excerpt of it here. Continue reading

My Life - My Choice: Dying with Dignity

Q&A: An Inside Look at “My Life – My Choice: Dying with Dignity”

Premiering Mon., March 14 at 10pm ET, “My Life – My Choice” chronicles Kathy Wardle’s extraordinary journey toward dying with dignity. Continue reading

Yannick Bisson - Murdoch Mysteries

10 Fantastic Facts About Yannick Bisson of Murdoch Mysteries

You know Canada’s Yannick Bisson best as Det. William Murdoch, but we’ve dug up more fantastic facts. Murdoch Mysteries airs weekdays 6pm ET. Continue reading

Hell...A Survivor's Guide

“Hell…A Survivor’s Guide” Offers 5 Hot Quotes About Hell

“Hell…A Survivor’s Guide” premieres on VisionTV at 9pm ET on Monday, February 8. Continue reading

Leo Spellman

A Symphony of Survival: What You Need to Know About “Leo Spellman’s Rhapsody: In Concert”

Leo Spellman’s “Rhapsody 1939-1945” is a musical diary of his survival and harrowing experiences during the Holocaust. Continue reading

Organic Panic: Dr. Joe Schwarcz Experiment

Is There Reason to Organic Panic? VisionTV Presents a Compelling New Doc Series

PREMIERES MON. 10pm ET: Are you a skeptic or believer? Organic Panic tackles the raging debate to help separate fact from ‘greenwashing’. Continue reading

Participant Call: Find Relief with Season Three of Healing Yoga!

We want you to be on Healing Yoga’s third season — find out how! Continue reading

Celebrating L’Arche at Fifty Years with Love and Belonging

Love and Belonging: Jean Vanier at L’Arche opens with a screening this weekend, and its broadcast premiere Nov. 24 on VisionTV. Continue reading

Canada Remembers: Coming Together, Paying Tribute

This Mon.-Wed., we engage in collective reflection, respect, and recognition for our soldiers with a special episode of theZoomer & more. Continue reading