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Arthur & George - Gallery

A Photographic Look at the Career of Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes is one of the most beloved British actors around. Here’s a snapshot look at his career. “Arthur & George” starts Wed. 9pm ET. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E8

Doc Martin Redux S7E8: Happiness is a Warm Gun

In the Season 7 finale, Martin finds himself under the gun in more ways than you’d think. Continue reading

Doc Martin S7E7 Redux

Doc Martin Redux S7E7: Moving Through Time & Space

As much as Martin and Louisa work through couples therapy, not a lot seems to be, well, working for them. Could this be the end? Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E6

Doc Martin Redux S7E6: Extinguishing an Old Flame

Love is in the air in Portwenn, but there’s something about such a feeling that has morphed villagers and visitors into a frenzied state. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E5

Doc Martin Redux S7E5: Every Dog Has its Day

As Martin and Louisa work through therapy, it is Buddy the dog playing a big role for the Portwenn pair. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E4

Doc Martin Redux S7E4: Building on an Embrace

After agreeing to participate in couples therapy, Louisa joins Martin and Dr. Timoney for a session. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux: S7E3

Doc Martin Redux S7E3: Speak Up and Brighter Days May Follow

To say Martin is enjoying his new, less than modest living arrangement would be a full-fledged lie. Here’s our look-back at S7E3. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E2

Doc Martin Redux S7E2: A Man on a Mission

Martin is a man on a mission as he moves quickly to become a better husband and father for Louisa and James. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E1

Doc Martin Redux S7E1: Lonely Hearts Club of One

Martin is lonely, suffering from missed connections, missing Louisa and a crisis that might make him miss his first counselling appointment. Continue reading


Cast Your Vote! Which Doc Martin Villager is the Most Popular?

Doc Martin S7 premieres this Wed. at 9pm ET ! Cast your votes to help us determine which villager is the most popular. Continue reading