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Songs of Freedom: Measha Brueggergosman and Sanzy Viany in Cameroon

Songs of Freedom Headlines Black History Month on VisionTV

February marks Black History Month and we will honour the occasion by sharing a collection of music, film & documentary specials. Continue reading

Cancer Saved My Life

Libby Znaimer’s Miraculous Recovery Documented in Cancer Saved My Life

“Cancer Saved My Life,” documents the hopeful story of Libby Znaimer’s triumph over breast and pancreatic cancer. Continue reading

Richard Syrett- The Conspiracy Show

Prepare Your Theories for Season 4 of The Conspiracy Show

This summer, “The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett” will bring you six brand new episodes ready to challenge your theories and beliefs. Continue reading

Janine Windolph & Trudy Stewart

Janine Windolph & Trudy Stewart Selected as ZoomerMedia Bursary Recipients

NSI Aboriginal Documentary team of Janine Windolph and Trudy Stewart have been selected as this year’s ZoomerMedia Bursary recipients. Continue reading

The Baha'is

The Bahá’ís Shines a Light on the World’s Youngest Independent Religion

“The Bahá’ís” is a captivating documentary that shines a glowing light upon the Bahá’í faith and those who practice it. Continue reading

Star Men - Feature Image 2

Star Men Takes You Through the “Golden Age of Astronomy”

“Star Men” producer Alison Rose reflects on what it was like to be alongside those who participated in the “Golden Age of Astronomy.” Watch Pt. 2 Tonight 9pm ET. Continue reading

Star Men - Sidebar Widget - Titled

Meet the Astronomers of “Star Men”

MONDAY, 9pm ET: 4 exceptional astronomers celebrate 50 years of work & friendship on a road trip that brings the universe down to earth. Continue reading

My Life – My Choice: A Sister’s Heartfelt Farewell to Kathy Wardle

At Kathy Wardle’s 2015 funeral, Lesley Forrester presented a moving farewell to her sister. You can read an excerpt of it here. Continue reading

My Life - My Choice: Dying with Dignity

Q&A: An Inside Look at “My Life – My Choice: Dying with Dignity”

Premiering Mon., March 14 at 10pm ET, “My Life – My Choice” chronicles Kathy Wardle’s extraordinary journey toward dying with dignity. Continue reading

Songs of Freedom: Measha Brueggergosman and Sanzy Viany in Cameroon

Songs of Freedom: Carrying a Tune in Cameroon

Upon her arrival in Cameroon, Measha Brueggergosman joins musical forces with superb local vocalist, Sanzy Viany on this third episode of Songs of Freedom. Continue reading