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Songs of Freedom with Measha Brueggergosman

Songs of Freedom: Creating Beautiful Motion & Emotion

In E2 airing Friday at 10pm ET, Brueggergosman dives deeper into a collection of Freedom Songs that hold a special place in her heart. Continue reading

Songs of Freedom with Measha Brueggergosman

Songs of Freedom: Big Songs & A Bigger Discovery

Tonight at 10pm ET, Measha Brueggergosman introduces her deep passion for Freedom Songs, all the while introducing her family’s origins. Continue reading

Songs of Freedom: Measha Brueggergosman in Cameroon

10 Great Things to Know About “Songs of Freedom” Star Measha Brueggergosman

Canadian soprano sensation Measha Brueggergosman stars in “Songs of Freedom” encoring throughout February for Black History Month. Continue reading

Hell...A Survivor's Guide

“Hell…A Survivor’s Guide” Offers 5 Hot Quotes About Hell

“Hell…A Survivor’s Guide” premieres on VisionTV at 9pm ET on Monday, February 8. Continue reading

VisionTV Premiering “Hell: A Survivor’s Guide”

On Monday, Feb. 8 at 9pm ET, Brian Paisley takes you on a tour of the dark underworld that has fired our imaginations across centuries. Continue reading

Leo Spellman

A Symphony of Survival: What You Need to Know About “Leo Spellman’s Rhapsody: In Concert”

Leo Spellman’s “Rhapsody 1939-1945” is a musical diary of his survival and harrowing experiences during the Holocaust. Continue reading

Keys to Paradise

Keys to Paradise Unlocks a Deeper Look Into Islamic Extremism

Tonight at 11pm ET, this new investigative documentary explores and illuminates the growing peril and impetus of radical Islamic groups. Continue reading

Senior Savvy: Canada's Fastest Growing Demo in the Driver's Seat - National Seniors Day CARP Flag Raising, Halifax

Senior Savvy: Canada’s Dominant Demo in the Driver’s Seat

National Seniors Day marks a significant shift in Canada’s population balance with a growing, politically & socially influential senior set. Continue reading

Pensioner Power: A documentary by Martin Himel

An Age of Advocacy: VisionTV Presents World Premiere of Pensioner Power

On Aug. 31, explore the challenges international retirees are facing as pensioner parties & advocacy groups work to secure their futures. Continue reading

New Documentary ‘100 Year Old Drivers’ Asks: Safe At Any Age?

PREMIERES MON. 10pm ET: Get behind the wheel with some of the UK’s 191 registered centenarian drivers. Are they still roadworthy? Continue reading