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Last Tango Look Back S2E1: Celia (ANNE REID), Alan (DEREK JACOBI) Photo: Ben Blackall (c) Antony & Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013

Last Tango Look Back S2E1: A Change of Plans

Season 2 picked up exactly where it left off, with Alan regaining consciousness & his impending nuptials with Celia more certain than ever. Continue reading

Last Tango Look Back S1E6

Last Tango Look Back S1E6: Tests of Character

As the first season neared it’s close, there was little resolution in sight for Alan and Celia’s families. Continue reading

Last Tango Look Back S1E5: Alan (DEREK JACOBI), Celia (ANNE REID) (c) Antony & Cleopatra Prod., Ltd/

Last Tango Look Back S1E5: Never a Dull Moment

In the home stretch to the end of S1, will Alan and Celia’s love get the chance to thrive while everyone else deals with emotional trauma? Continue reading

Last Tango Look Back: S1E4 : Gillian (NICOLA WALKER) receives a phone call from the Police Photo: Matt Squires (c) Antony & Cleopatra Series Ltd., 2012

Last Tango Look Back S1E4: Eye of the Storm

In the latest episode, while Alan and Celia settled in for the night at Southowram Hall, their families weren’t quite so comfortable. Continue reading

Last Tango Look Back S1E3

Last Tango Look Back S1E3: Family Values

This week, Alan & Celia only just started to realize the challenges that would come along with their marriage. Continue reading

Last Tango Look Back S1E2: (L-R) Caroline (SARAH LANCASHIRE), Celia (ANNE REID), Alan (DEREK JACOBI) and Gillian (NICOLA WALKER) notice the Police car arriving Photo: Matt Squire (c) Antony & Cleopatra Series Ltd.

Last Tango Look Back S1E2: Bumps in the Road

After a whirlwind premiere, those of us trying to keep up with the Last Tango in Halifax can be forgiven for feeling a little breathless. Continue reading

Ralph Waite at The Waltons 40th Anniversary Reunion (2012) Photo: ZUMAPRESS.com/Keystone Press

Goodnight, Pa: Remembering The Waltons’ Ralph Waite

Best known as John Walton, Sr., Waite’s career took him from the stages of New York City, to the studio sets of Hollywood. Continue reading

Marilyn Lightstone

Embrace the Spirit of the Season with Our Top 5 Holiday Carols

The holidays are upon us, and there’s nothing that heightens the accompanying sense of warmth and excitement quite like the music of the season. From time-honoured pieces to modern classics, everyone has at least one carol that brightens their spirits … Continue reading

VisionTV's 4 Weeks of Christmas 2013

Vision’s 4 Weeks of Christmas Has Everything to Make Spirits Bright

VisionTV has become The Nation’s Christmas Station with a cavalcade of holiday movies & specials! See what’s in store for this season. Continue reading

Inspired Afternoons featuring Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back

Inspired Afternoons Mini-Site

Visit our new Inspired Afternoons mini-site for photos, videos and more from Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. Continue reading