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Piven - Theatre

Jeremy Piven Praises his Family’s Influential Theatre Company

Before Jeremy Piven became a film and TV star, he grew up as a member of a very influential theatrical family. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge S2E1: Harry Gordon Selfridge (JEREMY PIVEN)

Check Out Jeremy Piven’s Beautiful $6.8 Million Pad!

“Mr. Selfridge” star Jeremy Piven will soon be living large in a beautiful Mount Olympus residence. Check out some photos here! Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge - S3E8

5 Times Jeremy Piven Shined Before Mr. Selfridge

Prior to “Mr. Selfridge,” actor Jeremy Piven appeared in quite the collection of renowned and under the radar roles. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge S3 - Behind the Scenes

Let Us Take You Behind-the-Scenes of Mr. Selfridge!

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the “wild ride” that’s been season three of “Mr. Selfridge”! Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge - Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven Speaks About Jumping from Entourage to Mr. Selfridge

Jeremy Piven gained acclaim for his work on “Entourage,” but more fans are beginning to recognize him for “Mr. Selfridge.” Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge: Selfridge Backspin S1E10

Mr. Selfridge Backspin: S1E10 – When One Door Closes…

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Mr. Selfridge’s Season 1, it’s that for Harry, there’s no such thing as the status quo. Continue reading

Romance, Intrigue and Above All Else, Style: The Characters of Mr. Selfridge

They’re charismatic, colourful and sometimes downright devious. Discover the characters that make Mr. Selfridge an exhilarating experience. Continue reading