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Aiming for Human Harmony: Frazier Glenn Cross Photo: David Euliett ZUMAPRESS.com/Keystone Press

Aiming for Human Harmony: Rising Above Recent Hate Crime

TONIGHT 11pm ET: In response to recent anti-Semitic hate crimes, we present a special encore of the powerful doc, Facing Extremism. Continue reading

Religious Extremism Exposed: An Investigation Into the War on Faith

The number of deaths each year related to religious extremism is largely unreported by the media. Each year, individuals practicing their religious faith have faced a steep increase in violence and religious persecution in countries throughout the world. In advance … Continue reading

Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism - Show Title

VisionTV to World Premiere Jew Bashing – The New Anti-Semitism

World Premiere: Mon., May 6 at 9pm ET. A groundbreaking and provocative new series examining a new wave of anti-Semitism around the globe. Continue reading