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Novel New Year Contest 2018 - Raincoast Books

Novel New Year Contest

This contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! Winners will be contacted Feb. 14 – 16. Continue reading

Mohamed Bzeek

Meet the Inspirational 62-Year-Old Who Fosters Terminally Ill Kids

For 62-year-old Mohamed Bzeek, caring for children who are terminally has become his life’s work. The world needs more people like him. Continue reading

WWII Love Letter

WWII Veteran Reunited with 72-Year-Old Love Letter from Wife

In a world where many of us are used to texting and emailing, it’s amazing to see the beauty and power of an old-fashioned love letter. Continue reading

Love Downton Style Contest - Raincoast Books

Love Downton Style Contest

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. Winners will be contacted between March 25 – 27, 2015. Continue reading

Divine Intervention with Rabbi Shmuley - Audience Call

Audience Call: Join Rabbi Shmuley on the Set of a New TV Show

Good advice & heartfelt fun from an Oprah-approved relationship expert & spiritual advisor to the stars. Reserve seats now for Jan. 29th! Continue reading

Rabbi Shmuley

A New Year, A New You!

Rabbi Shmuley, Oprah approved Relationship Expert, is hosting a new VisionTV show. Click to participate and be in the audience. Continue reading

Rabbi Shmuley Wants to Help You

Rabbi Shmuley Wants to Help You Find Happiness

Looking for good life advice? We’re producing a new pilot with Rabbi Shmuley, “America’s most famous Rabbi”, & you can be a part of it. Continue reading