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Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E9

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E9 – A Friend in Need

With the tumultuous second season of Mr. Selfridge nearing the end of its run, things were far from resolved this week. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E8

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E8 – Appetite for Distraction

Harry Selfridge came home to scandal, but was quick to start mending his reputation. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E7

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E7 – For Better, For Worse

This week, the staff at Selfridges learned that they were as vulnerable as anyone to the unpredictability of war. Continue reading

Downton’s Lords and Ladies Earn Laughs in Cameo-Laced Charity Sketch

During the holiday season, Downton stars & a few surprise guests turned on the comedic charm for UK charities. Continue reading

British Drama Extravaganza 3 Contest - V2

British Drama Extravaganza 3 Contest

This contest Is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. We will notify winners between Feb. 16 – 18. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E6

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E6 – Changing Tides

Selfridges was caught up in the prevailing anti-German sentiment – something demonstrated both on its shelves, and in its employees. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge S2E5: Mr. Crabbe, Rose Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E5 – Raising the Stakes

With the young men of Selfridges off to fight in Europe, those they left behind had to make some adjustments. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E4: Delphine Day (POLLY WALKER), Harry Selfridge (JEREMY PIVEN), Rose Selfridge (FRANCES O'CONNOR), Lady Mae Loxley (KATHERINE KELLY)

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E4 – Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

With war declared, everyone at the store prepared to do their part, including Harry Selfridge himself. Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge Backspin S2E3: Henri LeClair (GREGORY FITOUSSI), Agnes Towler (AISLING LOFTUS)

Mr. Selfridge Backspin: S2E3: Lines in the Sand

Things started to come to a head this week on Mr. Selfridge, in the store, in Harry’s own home, and on the continent. Continue reading

Timeless Style: What’s on Our Selfridges Wish List

Some things never go out of style, and luxury is one of them. What Selfridges treasures have caught your eye this season? Continue reading