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Elvis - Hawaii

Elvis Presley’s Special Relationship with Hawaii

We all may automatically associate Elvis Presley with Graceland, but you could say that Hawaii was his home away from home. Continue reading

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney on What it Takes to Tour at 75

At the age of 75, Paul McCartney is still going strong. Here, he explains what it takes to keep performing at a high level. Continue reading

Bryan Adams

10 Great Songs for Canada 150, eh!

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, have a look at, and a listen to, some of the best songs to ever emerge out of the Great White North. Continue reading

Queen Monopoly

Watch Brian May Unbox the Queen Monopoly Game!

If you are a fan of music and board games, then seeing Brian May unveil the Queen edition of Monopoly will totally rock your world. Continue reading

Bill Murray stars in Hyde Park on Hudson

Bill Murray Readies first Classical Album & Tour

Bill Murray has been thrilling audiences for decades now! His new music and spoken word venture should be equally entertaining. Continue reading


The Story Behind the Music You Hear in Victoria

Have you ever wondered how “Alleluia,” the beautiful theme music for “Victoria” came about? If so, here’s your chance to find out! Continue reading

Marilyn Lightstone & Elva

Marilyn Lightstone Makes a Woman’s Wish Come True

During the taping of her new series “All-Time Classic Hit Parade,” Marilyn Lightstone was able to make a big fan’s dream come true. Continue reading

Jeremy Swift

Jeremy Swift: From Downton Abbey to Dropping an Album

Jeremy Swift has gone from admirably playing Spratt on “Downton Abbey,” to releasing his debut album. Continue reading

Yannick Bisson

Murdoch Mysteries’ Yannick Bisson Gets Star Struck During Flight

When Yannick Bisson boarded a flight recently, little did he know that he’d be seated close to a member of Canadian rock royalty. Continue reading

Elton John

Elton John Shops a Vancouver Record Store for Something Unexpected

When Elton John stopped by a downtown Vancouver record store, the crocodile rocker made an unusual request – could the shop fulfill it? Continue reading