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Prince Harry & Prince William

What Kind of Bachelor Party Will Prince William Throw for Prince Harry?

We don’t know what type of bachelor party William has come up with for Harry, so we came up with some fun ideas. Continue reading

Mark Hamill - Star Wars

Luke Skywalker Had Some Questions for Princes William & Harry

Mark Hamill, the actor who plays Luke Skywalker, wanted the princes to help him figure out his “Star Wars” family tree. Continue reading

Prince William & Prince Harry

Prince William & Harry Appearing in Forthcoming Star Wars Film

In a galaxy far, far away, Prince William and Prince Harry found their way into a studio to film scenes for the forthcoming “Star Wars” movie. Continue reading

Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher

Is it Time to Make Princess Leia an Official Disney Princess? Fans Think So

Following the recent passing of “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher, fans are pushing for Disney to honour her Princess Leia character. Continue reading

Yoda - Star Wars

How Social Media Is Celebrating #StarWarsDay

We support your “Star Wars” fandom so much, we wanted to share the best #StarWarsDay posts we’ve found on Twitter. Continue reading

Watch EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell Wield a Mighty Lightsaber

In this video, EastEnders’, Phil Mitchell comes bursting into an apartment wielding a vibrant lightsaber in the direction of some slightly fearful fellas. Continue reading