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Long Before Downton Abbey, There Was…Upstairs Downstairs

VisionTV presents the sequel to the legendary series, Upstairs Downstairs, followed by the Canadian broadcast premiere of the original classic!

Upstairs Downstairs New - Cast

The New Upstairs Downstairs
Starts Wednesday, May 23 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

A star-studded cast and lavish production values bring the series back to life in the new Upstairs Downstairs.

It’s 1936, six years since parlour maid Rose left 165 Eaton Place. Fate brings her back as housekeeper to its new owners: Sir Hallam, his wife Lady Agnes, and Lady Maud Holland, his mother. When Sir Hallam carries his wife across the threshold of their new home, Lady Agnes exclaims with pleasure, “What a ghastly old mausoleum!” Neglect has strewn cobwebs everywhere and furred the surfaces with dust. But with the help of the indomitable Rose, the iconic address so beloved in the original series Upstairs Downstairs is soon restored to its former glory. Within its walls however, lies a labyrinth of romance, heartbreak, secrets, lies, scandal, and the menace of war. The smooth running of Eaton Place is threatened to come to a shattering halt. There may be two families living in 165 – one upstairs and one down – but their fates are intimately linked.

Upstairs Downstairs New 1

Upstairs Downstairs New 2






The Original Classic Upstairs Downstairs – Season 1
Starts Wednesday, June 13 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

Upstairs Downstairs Classic - Cast

Victoria is dead; Edward is King. Upstairs is the family; downstairs the servants. When actresses Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins devised the original series in the 1970s, it was because they felt the role of the working class was being airbrushed out of period TV dramas. The series was initially planned to focus on Downstairs. “But we decided we wanted it to be about both servants and masters,” says Marsh. “And in a way, that’s why it was such a wonderfully easy idea, because there are so many stories you can do about different classes rubbing up against each other.”

7 Emmys, 2 BAFTAs, a Peabody, and a Golden Globe later, the original 1970s Upstairs Downstairs series went on to reach one billion people in 70 countries! Now Canadians can relive, or discover, the perennially fascinating series.

Upstairs Downstairs Classic 2

Upstairs Downstairs Classic 1

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