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VisionTV to World Premiere Jew Bashing – The New Anti-Semitism

Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism - Show TitleVision Zoomer TV

Presents the world television premiere of

Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism - Show Logo


4-part undercover investigative documentary series
airs Mondays on VisionTV starting May 6, 2013 at 9pm ET

While communities around the world recently commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Week, VisionTV announces the broadcast of a groundbreaking and provocative original documentary series that shows a new wave of anti-Semitic hatred is gathering pace. According to a study just released from Tel Aviv University there is a 30% increase in Anti-Semitic activity worldwide, especially in Europe.

Starting Monday, May 6 at 9pm ET, VisionTV will present the world premiere of JEW BASHING: THE NEW ANTI-SEMITISM, a 4-part series from award-winning filmmaker and veteran war correspondent Martin Himel, executive produced by Moses Znaimer.

While other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among Jewish communities globally, JEW BASHING is different. Martin Himel and his team go undercover to get influential politicians, clerics, journalists, and academics to talk about their hatred of Jews.

Himel investigates and penetrates Anti-Zionist movements, white supremacist groups, and militant Islamic movements, exposing and capturing on camera anti-Semitism as viewers have never seen it before.

PART 1: New Anti-Semitism Middle East
Airs Monday, May 6 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

This episode explores anti-Semitism in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, and the Hamas dominated Gaza Strip where Himel’s team secure exclusive interviews with top journalists, clerics, politicians and opinion-makers who freely express their hatred for Jews. Anti-Semitism permeates popular culture in these countries. Holocaust “cartoons” animate the Iranian TV screen, football fans call for a “New Holocaust” at Egyptian matches, Pakistani and Gazan children are taught that the Holocaust and 9/11 were engineered by Jews to destroy Muslims, and that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the most notorious political forgery of modern times, is a blueprint of Truth, revealing the innate deviousness and danger of The Jew as the ultimate Enemy.

PART 2: New Anti-Semitism Europe
Airs Monday, May 13 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

How does it feel to live with anti-Semitism daily? Himel’s cameras reveal anti-Semitic hatred is growing across Europe less than a century after the Holocaust. Expressing anti-Semitism is illegal under EU law but in France, Sweden, and the UK, well-known public figures compare Jews and Zionists to Nazis and warn of Jewish lobbies dominating Europe and America. Here, hate has gone beyond rhetoric. Synagogues are repeatedly vandalized and practicing Jews must be protected to observe their faith. Jewish cultural centres are heavily guarded fortresses of concrete and steel to prevent suicide bombers and other acts of violence instigated largely by a new wave of disgruntled immigrants from North Africa, the Middle East, and Kosovo. Himel’s team even became a target.

PART 3: New Anti-Semitism USA
Airs Monday, May 20 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

In the land of free speech and wide access to the internet, Himel captures anti-Semitic Americans – both left and right wing – describing Jews as a tribal racist group who control Capitol Hill, Wall Street and Hollywood, start wars and create banking crises. This episode also features Himel traveling to backwater Middle American towns to conduct exclusive and shocking interviews with the country’s top anti-Semitic webmasters who can spout and spread their rumours and lies to willing millions worldwide with the instant click of a button. Until now, the internet has allowed them to hide quietly behind anonymity.

PART 4: New Anti-Semitism Canada
Airs Monday, May 27 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

Canada has one of the best records for fighting anti-Semitism in the world. American anti-Semites acknowledge that they would likely be imprisoned in Canada for the radical opinions they espouse. Yet Winnipeg is home to one of the top bloggers focusing on a “Jewish Satanic clique” that dominates the world; Friction and confrontation with Montreal’s Hassidic community are on the rise; the United Church of Canada, which holds no official position on the persecution and slaughter of Christians in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and Egypt, supports an economic boycott against Israel’s West Bank settlements.

Martin Himel is no stranger to risky situations. As a journalist, he has covered the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the US Marine Beirut battles, the Lebanese Civil War, the 1st and 2nd Palestinian Uprisings, the revolution to overthrow Communist Romanian President Ceausescu, the Gulf War, the Northern Ireland sectarian attacks, the US NATO invasion of Serbia and Kosovo, the Israeli Invasion of the West Bank, the Lebanese Israel war, the Gaza- Israel war, and an exclusive and rare look at the North Korean military. Martin traveled to dangerous regions of Iraq and Egypt, typically inaccessible to western media, to expose the inhumanities that Christians currently face for his documentary Persecuted Christians broadcast by VisionTV in March 2012.

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